Phone Holder



Introduction: Phone Holder

This instructable will show you how to build a phone holder with a night light and a little storage box.

Step 1: Gather Materials

- Block of Wood (any will do i used Teak)

- Perspex 3mm

- 2 Hinges ( i 3D printed them, but i advise you not to)

- LED strip

- Coper wires

- Screws

- Power supply (to power the leds)


- Table saw

- Wire stripper

- Solder iron/gun

- Laser cutter

- 3D printer

- Sand paper

- Wood router

- Chisel

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Step 1: The Stand

I started with a solid block of wood.

all the cuts are made with the table saw

I cut of the piece where the phone is going to be. i did this on a angle of 30° so the phone sits nice and steady

Then i cut a triangle out of the bottom to make it look less like a weird solid block of wood (picture 2).

To make the storage compartment and the groove for the leds i used a wood router with a mold (picture 3)

Then i cut the part where the storage is going to be. Do this parallel to the traingle below.

Step 2: Storage

Cut the lid to the right size this depens on the angle, width and and the length of your storage compartment. (mine were 147 x 71).

make sure to cut the sides on the same angle as the piece were it has to lay on.

the hinge has to lay flush with the surface to function. i used a wood router and a chisel for this.

i used a plastic hinges made with a 3D printer but i advise you to use metal hinges because they are more steady.

If you do want to 3D print them the files are below and to connect the hinges simply use a bit of filament and slighly heat the ends to make them thicker.

To make the lid a bit more interesting i made a little design. wich you can also find below

Step 3: Light

Cut your led strip to the right size (aprox. 110mm).

Drill a hole from the storage area to light groove and a hole from the storage all the way trough.

lace the wires trough the holes before soldering and tie a knot to prevent the light from breaking when accidental pull on the wires.

connect your power supply to the led strip with solder, and put the leds in place.

next glue the perspex in place. flush with the surface.

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