Phono Horn. Free Sound Dock for Your Smart Phone to Download and Make.




Introduction: Phono Horn. Free Sound Dock for Your Smart Phone to Download and Make.

Phono-Horn. A paper sound dock for your smart phone! Play your phone through the Phono Horn and the sound output is richer and clearer with improved bass response. There are two base templates included, one for iPhone 4S and one for Samsung Galaxy S2 and S4. It should be easy to adapt the kit to suit most phones. It is simply a matter of ensuring that the loudspeaker on the phone is positioned over the horn inlet hole.
This model was originally published on a website full of paper animations to download and make. 

NEW: Base for Galaxy S3, free download.

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Step 1: Print Out the Parts

The model works well printed onto coloured card. (230 micron / 67lb) I used a selection of colours from these cards I bought from a local stationer.
Print out the horn parts sheet (page two) twice on complementary colours. Print out page three on another colour and then either page four or five depending on whether you are making the iPhone or Galaxy version. The final page is the project label and should be printed onto white paper.
Score along all the dotted and dashed lines before carefully cutting out the parts.

Step 2: Making the Horn

Fold round and glue down the wide ends of the horn pieces to make triangular tubes. These keep the end of the horn rigid.

Step 3:

Glue together two of the horn pieces with tabs on the end. Line up the parts as accurately as possible.

Step 4:

Glue the next two pieces into place this time using two pieces without tabs.

Step 5:

Alternate two with tabs the two without for the remaining horn pieces.

Step 6:

Roll round and glue the end into a circle.

Step 7:

Work your way along the horn gluing one row at a time...

Step 8:

...right up to the end of the horn.

Step 9:

Glue together the four sided end pipe.

Step 10:

Glue the end pipe to the horn.

Step 11: Making a Base for IPhone 4S

Assemble the two main base pieces as shown.

Step 12:

Glue together the two cross pieces.

Step 13:

Fold round and glue up the triangular shaped lower front.

Step 14:

Fold up and glue the horn holder. Fold the end of the horn holder into place and glue it down. Notice the small hole. this will line up with the loudspeaker on the iphone.

Step 15:

Glue the five parts of the base together. Keep everything as square as possible so that the base sits properly on a flat surface.

Step 16:

Glue the horn holder to the base as shown.

Step 17:

Complete the model by fitting the horn. there is no need to glue it into place. Place your iPhone on the stand with the loudspeaker lined up with the hole in the horn holder and be amazed at the incredible sound quality!

Step 18: Making a Samsung Galaxy S2/S4 Stand

Assemble the two main base parts as shown with the tabs folding in as shown.

Step 19:

Fold up and glue together the horn holder. The picture shows the version with the Galaxy S4 hole cut out.

Step 20:

Assemble the two back cross pieces.

Step 21:

Fit the horn holder into place using the grey areas for alignment.

Step 22:

Glue the two back cross pieces into place. Make sure that everything is square so that the base sits properly on a flat surface.

Step 23:

Fold up and glue together the base front.

Step 24:

Glue the base front into place as shown.

Step 25:

Complete the model by fitting the horn. There is no need to glue it into place. Place your Galaxy on the stand with the loudspeaker lined up with the hole in the horn holder and be amazed at the incredible sound quality!

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Such an amazing creation! expresses a creative flare with a vintage effect! Job well done

I have THL 5000 smartphone and Galaxy S4 version its good :D

now I will make modification for mobil rotated 90 ° degrees


Just built this using only printer paper and scotch tape for work. I will be building another using 67lb paper! Rock on, dude!

I've made a new base for the S3 - not tested as I don't have an S3 myself but I have high hopes for it. It is a free download here. If you do make it I'd be grateful if you could tell me if it works!

@yapoyo says the S3 works if you put it on upside down. If I can get the accurate dimensions for the speaker placement and size of the phone I'll have a go at making as specific S3 stand. The volume isn't much louder on mine but the bass response is much better and the sound is richer.

It should be fairly easy to adapt for most phones. All you need is for the speaker to be lined up with an inlet hole. I'm afraid I don't have the dimensions for an iphone 5 to check

The iPhone 5 is just as wide as the iPhone 4s, so the speaker should be in the same place. You can really use the iPhone 4S dock for any iPhone ever made, since the speakers are pretty much in the same place.

I just finished mine! It turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. I was building mine for my iPod Touch 4gen, so I had to move the hole over to the other side. The iPod's edge with the speaker was on a bit of a slant, so it doesn't quite capture the sound with a flawless seal like it does with an iPhone, but it still works quite well.

You failed to mention in the instructions that once finished, the Phono Horn isn't balanced and doesn't stay standing unless it has a device ON it, due to the horn part, but oh well. Just a minor gripe. Overall, quite nice. BRAVO.

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Nice work PuppetMaker!
I tried adding extra pieces to the base to make it balance but it looked better without. When I'm not using mine I store the horn inverted over the base.

BRILLIANT!!! making this as soon as I get my new nexus 4 in about 2 weeks. Voted!

Wow! Just made this. It worked EVEN THOUGH I'll admit to using regular printer paper and construction paper, invisible tape, hot glue, and duct tape! Amazing and very impressive, I'll bet if I did it correctly it'd work even better. I'd really like to see someone try to make this and some other projects on your website out of cardboard. Really nice job, keep up the cool projects!

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