Phopti, Bbq Without Oil in 15min

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Intro: Phopti, Bbq Without Oil in 15min

Pophati / Phopati, is an
outdoor dish prepared in and around tribal area of Mumbai.

It is very easy to prepare , and most important thing I doesn’t even take singe drop of oil.

Step 1: Requirments

Round bottom clay pot ( Round bottom is very essential
for even distribution of heat), Blumea herbknown as phopati in marathi. You can also take any other aromatic herb available, Leaf litter, anything you want to put in bbq like potato , chicken pieces ( about 15-16 pieces / whole chicken) , little spice. - for more imformation on Blumea

Step 2:

Cover pot with thin layer of aromatic herb and add other


Cover mouth of pot with herbs and seal it with aluminium foil ( just for precaution, pros don’t need it!!!) and carefully keep it upside down on ground.

Cover the pot with lots of leaf litter, and set it on fire for 15-20 minutes, let the pot cools itself for another 15 minutes .

Relish yourself with tempting Phopati!!!!



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