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Introduction: Photo Frame Display

Have several photos and not enough frames? or maybe you want to create a keepsake for yourself, or as a gift for the cool people who are in the photos. With some wood, some kind of frame, and some clips, it's easy to add a bunch of your favorite photos. It holds tons of photos without all the frames and makes swapping out photos super easy!

Estimated total time: 1 hour


· 4 wood planks, 1in wide x 2ft long (wood cutting machine if your wood is not this size)

· Twine/Rope/Hemp/any kind of string, 1.5- 2.5 yards

· Wood glue

· Photos/papers/items you wish to hang up

· Clothes pins/Clips

Optional: Old tshirt fabric, ribbon, other decorative items

Step 1: Cut 4 Planks of Wood (1in Wide X 2ft Long)

Take your 2 boards and if they are not already to size, cut them to 2ft long.

I used scrap wood, but pine wood is also a great, inexpensive option. Since this is a frame that won’t get much wear and tear it is fine, but you do need to be a little careful not to split the wood. I cut mine at my local hardware store because I did not have power tools.

Step 2: Create Your Frame

Once you have your 4 boards of even size, it’s time to connect them to form the frame. You will just need to add a dab of wood glue on the end of each wood plank and connect them evenly to make a square frame. I used my clothes pins here to clamp them in place until dry(about 30 minutes).

Side note: You can use any size wood; it just depends how large or small you would like your frame to be. T

Step 3: Put Pins on Frame

Use 4-8 pins on two parallel sides of the frame and pin them about every 2-5 inches depending on how many pins. Keep in mind that your twine will hang slightly lower than where these pins are actually placed.

The pins can go in the middle or more toward the center. Leave about a 1/4 in between the head of the pin and board so there is space for the string/twine/rope to be wrapped around the pins.

Idea: You can also place the pins randomly around the frame for a more organic, less planned look.

Step 4: Wrap Twine Around Pins

Take your string or twine and tie it to the lower most pin on either side of the frame.

Then wrap the twine in a zig-zag motion across the frame (similar to lacing ice skating shoes or the motion of lacing sneakers). At the uppermost pin diagonal from where you tied the twine, tie another knot and cut the excess twine.

Tip: The more twine you wrap across the frame, the more options you have will have to pin your photos.

Idea: Another option may be to wrap the twine around the pins in lines horizontally across the frame.

Step 5: Add Your Photos

Get some cute clips or clothes pins and add your photos, notes, or letters!

Step 6: Optional: Add Your Own Creative Twist!

Make it personalized. There are lots of options for making this project unique and yours using materials that you can find at home. The possibilities are endless!

Idea one: Use a ribbon to create the structure across the frame.

Idea two: Place the pins in different places along the frame and wrap the string/twine/ribbon randomly or create your own pattern.

Idea three: Use an old tshirt or dress to add some color and texture to your frame.

1. Cut 3-5 inch wide strip of cloth material

2. Use wood glue to tie it onto one end of the frame

3. Wrap fabric around the frame

4. Use a small dot of wood glue and tie a knot on the other end of the frame

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    3 years ago

    This is neat :) I like the use of negative space so the focus is on the photos.