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Introduction: Photograph Display Board

I wanted a way to display photographs where I would be able to change them out periodically, so based on some ideas from Apartment Therapy:San Francisco as well as other online idea sources, I came up with this method.

I made two display boards, both of which are sized to fit within the picture frame molding on my kitchen cabinets. I haven't provided dimensions because your display boards will vary in size according to your own needs.

The foam core boards I used originally came from a previous project, so you will notice in one of the pictures that there is roll-type cork board adhered to the foam core. Please ignore the cork board. It is not necessary for the project listed here.

I realized afterward that I really should have sized the foam core boards so that they completely filled in the space within the picture frame molding of my kitchen cabinets (ie, so that there is no space at the top), so you may want to consider this if you use them for this purpose.

Step 1: You Will Need:

- Foam core board - cut to fit your desired size
- Fabric of choice - cut large enough to cover your display boards, plus about an inch on each side to wrap around edges of foam core board.
- 3M Super 77 spray adhesive - this stuff is indispensable for projects around the house.
- Super glue
- Twine
- Scissors
- Utility knife
- Measuring tape
- Binder clips - I like the shiny silver ones instead of the boring black ones. Or, you could disassemble the black ones if you already have them and spray paint them different colors for fun!
- Small finish nails
- Hammer
- Pen
- Rubber gloves (optional)
- Newspaper - to protect your work surface.

Step 2: Cut Foam Core Board and Fabric

Measure the space in which you plan to install your Photograph Display Board.

Mark dimensions on foam core board.

Using a utility knife, cut foam core board to your desired size.

Using scissors, cut your fabric big enough to cover your foam core board and the edges (about an extra inch or so).

Step 3: Glue Fabric to Foam Core Board

Lay your foam core board on top of your fabric.

Spray about an inch-wide strip of 3M Super 77 adhesive at the very bottom of the short edge of one side of the foam core board.

Gently wrap the fabric around the edge (you may need to wait a minute or so until the adhesive becomes tacky).

Run your finger along the edge to smooth the fabric out.

Once the edge is well-adhered, flip the whole thing over and spray adhesive all over the foam core board. Smooth out the fabric so it is centered, repositioning if necessary.

Flip the foam core board back over and spray one of the long edges with adhesive.

Fold the corners as illustrated below, and then fold the long edge over the board. Remember to run your finger along to smooth out the fabric.

Finish folding in the remaining short edge and long edge.

Step 4: Position and Attach Twine

Cut a piece of twine long enough to wrap around the foam core board as many times as you think you will need. Twine is really cheap, so don't scrimp or else you'll end up with too short a piece and have to start over.

Wrap the twine around the very top of the foam core board and tie it in a really tight knot, but do not cut the tail yet. Have a buddy hold their finger on it for you if you need to.

In the example illustrated, I left a large gap between the top of the board and my first line of twine. I'd like to say that I planned it this way (like, I was going to use the top for push pins or something), but I was actually just not paying attention. ;) One the second Photograph Display Board I made, which you can see next to this one in the pictures, I wrapped the twine correctly.


Moving on, start wrapping the twine around the board, using some pictures you have on hand to use as a guide when deciding how much space should be left between each row of twine. Keep the twine as taught as possible when doing each row.

After you finished wrapping your twine around as many times as you think you'll need, dot some super glue on the back of the foam core board, place the twine in the glue, add a small piece of paper or newspaper on top, and hold it all down with the end of a pen until the super glue dries enough to hold the twine on its own. There's probably a simpler way to attach the twine to the back (staple, push pin, etc), but I wanted it as flat as possible since I was going to attach the finished Photograph Display Board to one of my kitchen cabinets.

After the super glue has completely dried, snip off any excess twine.

Step 5: Hang Your Photograph Display Board!

I used four small finish nails in each corner of the Photograph Display Board to attach it to my kitchen cabinet.

Once your Photograph Display Board is securely fastened, start hanging the binder clips on the twine, and attach your favorite photographs!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there,
    I love this project and want to make this for my brother for college so he can display his senior pictures but was wondering if the binder clips damage the pictures at all. Thanks for getting back to me.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I really like this project!  Thanks for sharing!