Pine Cone Squirrel/Bird Feeder




My son and I found these pine cones hanging from a dead branch in the yard. These easy pine cone squirrel/bird feeders make a great craft for any age child. They are great fun spreading the peanut butter and getting all sticky. My 4 year old son ate as much peanut butter as he put on the the pine cones!

There are not many steps here. It only takes about 30 minutes with setup and cleanup. So lets get started!!

Step 1: Materials

Collect materials and prepare workstation. Lay newspaper down first peanut butter is messy.

Pine cones - any shape or size will do just make sure they are open

Peanut Butter - smooth style

Birdseed - any kind

Natural Hemp or Cotton String - dont use plastic or synthetic string. Birds/squirrels may eat it


Bowl - for seed

Spoon - for spreading

Scissors - for cutting string

Step 2:

Cut 12" of string and tie to the end of pine cone.

Spread peanut butter over the pine cone covering completely.

Roll pine cone in bowl full of birdseed.

Tie to branches and wait for birds and squirrels to get hungry.



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