Pill-OVO / Nap Time Has Better Been So Rap Time

Introduction: Pill-OVO / Nap Time Has Better Been So Rap Time

The only interactive Drake Pillow. Make your own now.

Step 1: Material and Tools

  1. Solder
  2. Paper
  3. Thread
  4. Conductive thread
  5. Stuffing
  6. A Zip
  7. Fabric (get creative here, you will need a variation)
  8. Heat Shrink
  9. Arduino Uno
  10. Speaker
  11. Audio FX Board
  12. Amp
  13. Lithium Polymer Battery
  14. Wire Cable
  15. Thermocouple Amplifier
  16. A deep love of Drake
  17. Drizzy beats

Step 2: Pattern Making

To begin save the image and print full size on a 11x 17 peice of paper.

Once printed you will need to carefully cut around all the different coloured sections to create your patterns. Be sure to make two copies of the full outline. Make sure you allow for an inch extra around the outside of the pattern as to not loose detail when sewn together.

When you have cut all of your patterns lay them out on the desired material and draw around the profiles.

Now that your patterns are profiled go ahead and cut them out. Be sure to use fabric siscors in order to maintain a clean cut.

Step 3: Sewing

With all your desired fabric peices cut go ahead and get your sewing machine setup.

With your ‘light skin’ base set up go ahead and pin all drakes facial features on. Take your time and make sure everthing is fixed properly in place.

Once you are happy with your placement and everything is secure begin to sew a zig zag stitch around the outside of each feature until they are all permenently sewn in place. Failure to use a zig zag stitch will result in a weaker fixture.

Place Drakes face facedown on the back and sow a line around the outside. Be sure to leave a section of around 7cm so you can fold Drake inside out. For advanced crafters you can choose to add a zip here. This will allow you to access to circuit when placed inside.

With your pillow all sewn up take the stuffing you bought and stuff Drake. Stuff him silly. Stuff him until he cant be stuffed anymore.

To finish you can either hand sew the remaining opening or add a Velcro door.

Step 4: Wiring Your Components

It’s now time to get to the easy stuff.

Follow the image above to wire your Arduino, Audio FX Board and Speakers. Be sure to soder everthing properly and use heatshrink over any exposed wires. The last thing we want is to see your nap time go up in smoke.

Use your digital multimeter to test that all your connections are working/conductive. If there are any issues be sure to cut and re soder broken connections.

Code coming soon

Step 5: Cut Your Drizzy Beats

Now that your arduino and electronic components are all wired up and working properly plug the board into your computer and load the code.

After the code is installed its now time to upload your favourite Drizzy beats. Make a selection from your iTunes library and drag and drop them into a desired folder. You'll then need to use music editing software like Adobe Audition to cut your tracks into snippets. Make sure to save them as .ogg files.

Naming conventions

T03RAND0.ogg T03RAND1.ogg and so on upto 9 random values. You can do the same for pins 2 (T02), 4 (T04) and 8 (T08).

Load your happy snippets onto pins 2-4 and your angry on pin 8.

When both steps are complete remove your device from the computer and test it to make sure it works.

If it is working great, if not reconnect and try again.

Step 6: Throw It All Together

Now that you have all you components its time to bring it all together.

You'll need to thread some conductive wire onto Drake face. Be gentle he's sensitive. 4-5 small knots should do. You'll then need to leave enough thread to attach it to your capacitive touch sensor. When attached enclosed your electronics in a soft casing of your desire and put inside Drakes face.

Its ok to now begin stuffing Drake. Again be gentle he's sensitive. Make sure you get into all corners and really fill him out. When done, close him up and Boom your have and interactive Drake pillow.

Lay back, rest your head and pray with the 6 God.

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    4 years ago

    This may be one of the best things I've ever seen! I'd love to see a video of how it works!