Pizza Box Solar Oven

Here are two images of what your solar oven should look like before and after.

Step 1: Grab All Your Materials

The materials that you need in order to make the solar oven are:

-a pizza box

-box cutter


-scissors (to cut paper)

-aluminum foil

-saran wrap

-black paper

Step 2: Cut a Flap at the Top of the Box

With the box cutter cut a square of the top of the box. Make sure you do not cut the whole thing off ,but instead make a flap on top.

Step 3: Place Aluminum Foil on the Bottom of the Pizza Box

At the bottom of the box place Aluminum foil at the base and the sides of the bottom half of the box. To make sure it does not get moved tape it down.

Step 4: Place a Piece of Paper on the Base

Cut a piece of black paper with the dimension of the base of the pizza box. In order to make sure it stays on ,like the aluminum foil, tape it on.

Step 5: Put Aluminum Foil on the Flap

Put aluminum foil on the inside of the flap and tape it on.

Step 6: Saran Wrap

What you have to do next is to put the saran wrap on the part of the box that is cut out, so that the solar rays can go through it and be absorbed to heat whatever is inside the solar oven.

Step 7: You're Done!

Enjoy your new Solar Oven.



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    2 Discussions

    Ocean man

    2 years ago

    So wait....does this come with insurance from Allstate or Farmers?????????


    2 years ago

    Nice! How long does this take to cook? Have you cooked anything in it yet?