Pizza Box Target

Introduction: Pizza Box Target

The target simply made out of a pizza box will give you a chance to perfect your Annie Oakley
Skills with your arsenal of nerf guns.

Step 1: The Obvious

First off you are going to need a pizza box

Step 2: Supplies

Get some scissors and a sharpie we will be needing it for later

Step 3: Cutting

Cut out several holes each varying in size

Step 4: Scoring

Take out your sharpie and score each hole depending on size. If small give it a high score and if bigger give it a lower score.

Step 5: Fun at Last

Align your sights with your hole of choice and FIRE!

Step 6: Retrieving Bullets

Remember pizza boxes are openable so it should be easy to get to.

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    6 years ago

    This is actually really innovative! Good idea!