Places to Find Electronic Components

In this tutorial i will be telling you where to find electronic components lets begin...

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Step 1: WARNING:

Some Electronics can be dangerous when not handled correctly use extreme cation and do not hurt your self

Step 2: Begin the Search

Look around your house for old unused electronics such as






battery backups

CFl light bulb's

Led light bulbs

Ice Makers



power supply's

hard drives

light fixtures

cd drive

blue ray drive


computer monitors

electric air fresheners

old toys

And More...

Step 3: Start Disassembling

Start Removing Screws and anything that looks like it might be holding it shut

Sometimes adhesive is used to old stuff shut so it may take some prying

Discharge the capacitors by crossing the terminals with a insulated screw driver so that you don't get shocked

Use a soldering iron and start to remove components

if you don't have a soldering iron i will show you how to make one in a latter tutorial But for now you can use some cutters and a flat blade screw driver and remove them I cant guarantee all parts will be removed in one piece

Step 4: Success

So now you know where to find parts

Good luck

Be Safe

And Have fun

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    9 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I am trying to Id the two white with clear top components on this Minolta spotmeter sensor board. I think its some sort of led/diode , but i have never seen this type before. I need to replace at least one of them . If someone knows what they are and where to source them i would be very greatful.

    Phil B

    3 years ago

    it might be good to do a test or two on a recovery part. That part could be defective and the reason why the donor device is no longer in use.

    Now that Radio Shack stores are fewer and harder to find, what do you recommend for those things many of us once bought at Radio Shack when we needed one or two of the item? Do you order on-line and just buy a few to keep in your parts box for whenever you might need them?

    4 replies
    bobs111Phil B

    Reply 3 years ago

    i would get them online since radio shacks are now rare

    dmwatkinsPhil B

    Reply 3 years ago

    You can now get 200 blue LEDs from them cheaper than Radio Shack sells 1. And they are 3 times brighter.

    dmwatkinsPhil B

    Reply 3 years ago Excellent prices, cheap shipping. I have never gotten a bad part from them.

    rbuschPhil B

    Reply 3 years ago

    element14 or digikey. for new stock. radio shack was too expensive and too small of component selection


    3 years ago

    The thrift stores have some good values on older electronic devices that either work or would make a parts supplier. Prices are not that high usually from cents to a few dollars for a decent item.


    3 years ago

    As surface mount technology continues to advance, recoverable assets from circuitry is greatly diminished. It's the older stuff that yields the best prospects, unfortunately it is a shrinking pond as they are replaced with newer designs built as above.


    Great suggestions. Used electrical components can save you a ton of money.