Planting With Orbeez




Introduction: Planting With Orbeez

In this instructable, I will be planting flowers using Orbeez(water beads)!! Orbeez were originally made for planting but seeing as how fun they are to play with they were made into a toy. The great thing about Orbeez is that they are made of water. Great for if you travel a lot or are just forgetful:) this is my first instructable so please excuse any mistakes and follow! We will be putting orbeez into a jar along with some seeds and watch them grow!

Step 1: Gathering Ingredients

What you will need:
• a jar ( any size you choose)
• 1-2 packets of seeds
• Orbeez (mine took 2-3 packets, will vary depending on jar size.)

You can find these ingredients anywhere, Walmart Walgreens Target and various plant stores. To save time I pre-made my orbeez by soaking them in water over night.

Step 2: Filling Your Jar

This is where your orbeez come in. Take your jar and fill it all the way up. You can do yours to the lip, but I had extra so I filled it completely up.:) this part can be tricky because the bouncer nature of orbeez and how they like to roll all over. If you have a funnel I suggest using it, otherwise scoop a small handful and poor it int the jar (repeat until full).

Step 3: Adding Your Seeds

This is the part I love, picking your seeds. You could do herbs or flowers or whatever floats your boat. I will do flowers, and I just quickly picked a packet that had the soonest sprout days (7-9). You need to know about your seeds and how to take care of them. My flower packet gives information on the back for care. You need to know its spacing, planting depth, light, and water needed. Once you have your information, it is time to plant. Open your seed packet and pull out the amount needed for proper spacing. Mine is 1/2" with 1/4" seed depth. Place your seeds into your jar.

Step 4: Wait for Plants to Grow!

Set jar in sunny, warm area. I placed mine on a window seal next to a heating vent. Check up on your plants often and every few days spray with water or add a small amount to your jar so your orbeez don't dry up.

Step 5: Get Creative

Get creative while you wait! Decorate your jar with stickers or paint! Write your plants name on a stick and label your jar. Measure it's growth and time from first sprout! Possibility a are endless! Thank you so much and please follow! Also, recommendations for what to do next. I'm looking for ideas so the next requests I get I will definitely do. Look forward to more soon! Bye and good luck with your plant!

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    6 years ago

    So neat! I'd like to see your other ideas of orbeez uses. ty


    6 years ago on Introduction

    would love to see an updated photo of how it looks after the plant blooms or grows at least good instructable for being your first very simple and good instructions