Pocket RC Jammer




This is just a showcase for now, but if enough people really want it, I may make a tutorial.

This device jams the 27MHz band, which is used by Radio-Control (RC) Boats, Drones, Planes, and Cars. It clogs up the band with a common "go right" signal at full speed. If the vehicle you are jamming does not read that type of signal, it'll either do something else or most likely just stop altogether. This fits in your pocket and is powered by three AAA batteries, and the little hole on top is where the button is. There's a wire antenna that runs the length of the outside of the box, and if you put your hand on it, you can get a good 40 feet of range! Also, it has the ability to hijack any 27MHz RC remote signal. This means that you can stand next to the operator of whatever you aim to jam, turn on the jammer, and the remote that the operator is using will now send out YOUR signal. This is fun at RC races or anywhere else you stumble upon someone using their little RC toy... especially if it's a boat, in which case this will make it go right at full blast until it crashes into something and sinks >:)



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    9 months ago

    You can get up to 1 kilometer jamming radius with a little remote control. I just took out all the dummy loads and connected 12volt 2amp power supply. I also connected music to the remote control’s modulator. The RC craft will just stop responding or work only in a small range. You can literally turn the remote control into a illegal pirate transmitter on any frequency if you know how.


    2 years ago

    Things like this are why 27Mhz is no longer used for RC aircraft in the UK and its use is restricted to just boats and cars where the consequences of a crash are slightly less. That said an out of control dune buggy or similar could seriously injure or kill a small child or infirm adult by causing them to fall this would lead to charges of manslaughter as you know this is a possible out come of your actions


    2 years ago

    first of all, this is highly illegal. second, its quite dangerous if you cause someone to get injured from a rc vehicle being out of control. not to mention someone stomping a new hole in you when they find out that you did it. some models are quite expensive.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    It's meant as a prank for friends. The more expensive models operate on 2.4GHz which this device does not cover.