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I have a big back garden, and the perimeter of the garden is all low voltage lighting, and with sun and weather and the occasional chicken pecking at the wire, I am out there once a month fixing a broken wire.

Lugging out a soldering iron and a 100' extension cord all the time to fix it, was a pain, so I came up with a pocket soldering kit.

Step 1: Intel Inside

Amazing how much stuff you can put into a small tin.

Torch Lighter (Amazon link)

Alligator clip and extension (to hold wire while soldering)

Solder (60/40 rosin core)

Heat shrink tubes (assorted)

and a small tube of clear silicon (won't fit in tin)


I have a pair of wire strippers, I cut out broken wire, strip new wire, slip on a piece of heat shrink, solder wire with torch, let it cool a moment, squirt some silicon into the heat shrink tube (to waterproof it) use torch to shrink tubing, test and DONE!

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