Pocket Stand-up Shaker Card




Introduction: Pocket Stand-up Shaker Card

Pocket Stand-Up Shaker Card , a best handmade gift. It really means a lot when someone sends you a card, made by hand. Handmade cards are more personal and extra special when you handwrite something in the card. When you are making someone happy which makes you happy and it is fun . I am glad I have these creative skills ,I ,with love and care,create cards for my followers to share with friends and family

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

1)Black, Yellow and Green cardsheets for the base of the card ( you can also choose the color of your own choice)

2)Simple Stories Carpe Diem 6”^6” paper pad

3)Glue gun & UHU glue

4)Roll of sticky tape (to add dimension in shaker birthday cake, you can also use any other tape or foaming sheet to add dimension as I used white foaming sheet )

5)Paper creaser or anything to score the cardsheet

6)Black distress ink with blending tool ( to add border effects on pattern paper )

7)Pencil, eraser, ruler,Scissor ,paper cutter and Ribbon

8)Clear acetate sheet

9)Glitter stars and dots for the shaker card

10)For the decoration of card I used some handmade flowers, border punches

Step 2: Base of the Card

  1. Take a black cardstock and cut it into 12” by 19” (12 inches length and 19 inches wide ) and score at 0.5”,4.5”,4.5”,4.5”,4.5”,0.5” =19”
  2. Fold the cardstock in half.
  3. Cut scored 0.5” at the both end, either from the upper half fold or lower half fold (i.e cut 0.5” wide and 6” length).
  4. Do accordion fold, fold the first flap in one side then fold the second flap on opposite side and so on.
  5. Apply glue on 0.5” side for the right side and stick on the inner side of the flap to make it a pocket for tags. Do the same for the left side.
  6. Take a 6.5” by 4.3” yellow cardstock (6.5 inches length and 4.3 inches wide).
  7. Round the corners (optional).
  8. In the same way make other tags.


Step 3: Paste Pattern Papers

  1. Paste simple stories papers and distressed the corners of the papers to add effect..
  2. Decorate it with paper collection notes and glitter sheets.

Step 4: Making of Shaker Card

  1. Cut the black and green cardstock in 5” by 5”(5 inches length and 5 inches wide).
  2. Draw the structure of cake in black & green cardstock and cut the cake by using paper cutter as shown in the picture.
  3. Cut the black cut cake from the outside (thickness of your own choice).
  4. Paste the black border paper cake on the green cake sheet ( this is just to add border).
  5. Paste the acetate sheet on one side of the shaker base.
  6. Paste the foaming tape at the edges of the cake as shown in the picture (tape should be on same side where you paste the acetate sheet).
  7. Place the glitter stars and dots between the tape (on the top of acetate sheet).
  8. Take a pattern paper which you want to make the base of the shaker paper( background of acetate sheet) and peal the otherside of the foaming tape and paste the pattern paper on it.
  9. Note: size of pattern paper should be large and also apply some extra glue on the foaming tape before pasting the pattern paper.
  10. The final product you will get is shown on the left side of the picture.·
  11. Decorate it..

Step 5: Final Step

  1. Apply glue on the back of the shaker base and also add ribbon and paste it on the top of the pocket stand-up card.
  2. Pocket stand-up shaker card is really easy to make. You should give it a try and surprise your loved ones.

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    DIY KING 00
    DIY KING 00

    3 years ago

    Well documented and nicely done...
    Crafting details always amazes me so do this time...

    Amna Ahmed
    Amna Ahmed

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks Samad ☺


    3 years ago

    it's really awesome ... but you should make a video of the final product too ...

    Amna Ahmed
    Amna Ahmed

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks Waqar.. It's an old project that I have made on customer's request and unfortunately I didn't have any
    video of the final product to upload.