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This is how to make the PC-to-3.5mm cable included with a Pocket Wizard remote into a 3.5mm-to-2.5mm cable that works with the Canon 60D and other cameras (same as the Pocket Wizard CM-E3 cable). Nothing revolutionary here, I'm mostly making this as a note on how the wiring is in case I need to do it again and thought others might want to know, too. Simple mod, cheaper than buying a cable and harder to lose than a PC-to-2.5mm adapter.

This does not modify the camera or the remote trigger. I'm assuming anyone looking at this knows how to set those devices up so I'm not covering them at all.

(1) PC to 3.5mm mono cable (included with PW)
(1) 2.5mm stereo right angle plug (≤$3 at Radio Shack or the like)

- soldering iron
- wire strippers
- solder

Sleeve (red) from 3.5mm mono to Tip and Ring on 2.5mm stereo
Tip (white) on 3.5mm mono to Sleeve on 2.5mm stereo

- My wires and soldering are messy, I know. But it works.
- I think this would work if the wires were reversed but with S-TR and T-S relationships kept the same. It's just closing a circuit, right?

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