Pontoon Boat Picnic Table




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a great way to enjoy a day on the lake

Step 1: Cutting and Shaping Foam

I started off with 2 inch 4x8ft sheets of foam board and cut them into thirds then glued them together with glidden gripper exterior paint. making sure to stay about 2inches away from all edges so it didn't interfere with the hot wire cutter

Step 2: Extra Support and Rub Rail

I added a 2x4 on the bottom of the hull of each pontoon to take the majority of the abuse. also to strengthen and give me a point to bolt each pontoon to the picnic table

Step 3:

I added more foam on the sides of the pontoons as well as a built-in cooler on one and a dry storage in the other by means of a bucket and lid

Step 4: Motor Mount

I used 1/2" gas pipe and angle iron to build a motor mount

Step 5: Fiberglassing

I put 2 layers of fiberglass and finished it with a T-shirt material

Step 6: Attaching the Pontoons

each pontoon is attached with threaded rod from the bottom all the way threw the pontoon and into the bench supports of the seat

Step 7: Attaching the Motor and Steering

the motor is a Johnson 9.9 and I made my own brackets and ran and designed my own steering from a dolly rim attached to a playground captains wheel. next is throttle and forward and reverse cables and levers and add an umbrella and lights and it's ready for the water

Step 8: It Floats



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    3 years ago

    this is so cool. what would you estimate the weight is at in the current configuration? Have you had a chance to put it into the water to test stability and floatation yet?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    im figuring it weighs around 300 lbs. i did test it in water with 3 fat dudes with a combined weight of 650lbs and before fiberglassing it.... the water level was not at a desirable level.(it was stable but it couldn't hold any more weight, like a motor or fuel safely ) so i took it apart and added 3 more layers tall, 2 layers wide and added 2 ft to the length of each pontoon. roughly giving it about 900 extra lbs of buoyancy. I calculated that a 1ft square piece of foam will roughly float 50lbs. the initial trial it floated about 1100lbs before i added more foam flotation


    Reply 3 years ago

    Very cool. If three guys total out to 650, we need to get you bigger fat dudes .. lol


    3 years ago

    Me too...you should add at least one pole holder.


    3 years ago

    I wanna see it on the water...it's a great design!