Pool Noodle Toss Backyard Game

Introduction: Pool Noodle Toss Backyard Game

Introduction: Are you look for a game that easy to make, can play in limited space, and all ages can play? Well you came to the right place! In this project Sabrina and Kedisha will be showing you how to make this easy backyard game called pool noodle toss!

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Step 1: Tools You Need to Make Pool Noodle Toss

1: 6-12 different colours of noodles for 3 by 3 game

2. Any tape ( Duck tape is recommended to hold noodle together )

3. Rods to put in noodle to make stand up ( can find at local hardware store)

4. Foam balls to throw through the hoops

5. Prizes ( optional )

Step 2:

Step 1: Get all your tools/what you need to build in a clean

Step 3:

Step 2: Get your 6-12 different colours noodle and form them into a circle

Step 4:

Step 3: After you form them into a circle tape the two end together to close the circle, make sure to make 6 circle different colours

Step 5:

Step 4: After you have your 6 circle done, lay them down on a flat surface

Step 6:

Step 5: After you lay them on a flat surface tape them 3 by 3. ( 3 at the top and 3 at the bottom)

Step 7:

Step 6: After you have tape them 3 by 3 put two noodle on each side to secure everything together

Step 8:

Step 7: Once your done that put a rod inside the two noodle at each end to make it stand

Step 9:

Step 8: Once your done building this easy but, fun game get small or medium size ball to throw inside the hoops

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