Pop-Tab Curtain/ Window Beads





Introduction: Pop-Tab Curtain/ Window Beads

After realizing how much pop my family and I drink a month, I figured I would do something creative with all of the pop tabs that come off of our cans. Here I will show you how to make a door-bead style window curtain.

Please note: I'm still working on this, I need something like 4,000 pop tabs to finish so this will be the thin watered down version of it.

Materials needed:
Pop tabs
A multi-tool or pliers

Step 1: Cut All of Your Tabs

After you collect all of your materials, take the pliers and cut through the top section of every tab (as seen in the picture)

Step 2: Attach Them

Take the top section of each tab and slip it into the bottom section of the next tab, you should start to get a fairly long chain after 10 minutes.

So far I have used well over 500 pop tabs, don't make this if you need a quick fix for a window-blind, I have put in well over 12-15 hours already on this.

Step 3: Hang Them Up

String a cord across the top of your window and attach each strand to it. Make sure that your string/rope is taut enough to support how ever many strands you are putting up. I've been told that 1,000 pop tabs is about a pound, so plan accordingly.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Sit back and watch the sun or people or whatever happens to be outside of your window, you will find that the sun reflects off the tabs in very interesting ways to allow light into your room.

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    I realize I'm coming across this creation several years late. However, for anyone else doing the same, and wanting to hang these, a tension rod would work perfectly. They are inexpensive, adjustable and leave no marks.

    I was wondering how you strung these and hung them up? I've made about 7 strands, and when I hung them up on a length of yarn, it broke.

    The fun part is that right now I'm at boarding school, and they don't allow us to do anything on the walls unless we use painter's tape or 3M hooks, so I can't mount a bar across my window or anything. And there are blinds covering the window right now, no curtains.

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    I used para cord that was attached to the preexisting mounts for the venation blinds, so basically just tie a strong cord to whatever is already there. Otherwise I'm not sure of a method you could use that is non destructive to your school's property.

    I'm working on a similar project that I already regret starting. I'll post it maybe in two weeks. One strand takes like 3 hours.....And thats at a window length. A improvement on your project would maybe making it door length....hahaha, creators regret...check

    Lol thank you! It is so time consuming though... I think I will finish it by the time I go to college (1 1/2 years from now) so then I could sell it for the scrap value and pay for all my tuition (as long as my theory of all aluminium being made into a giant space station for the new human-unisex-race)

    FYI if you have a Ronald McDonald house nearby, they collect pop tops & then sell them to some company that recycles them {they use the money they get for the Ronald McDonald house--not McDonald's!}. This is not to make you feel bad for using yours, but to tell you that you can go to your Ronald McDonald house & buy the pop tops from them. You might have to pay a couple cents more than the company would--just depends on the person you talk to. You would probably end up paying a couple bucks per pound. Don't quote me on the whole price thing, cause I'm not sure. Even if the project then becomes one where you buy supplies, at least you are donating to charity {don't think you could put it on your taxes though-but who knows}. Hope this helps!

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    I would keep a sheet up for a while, these take a lot of time and materials to make. But when it is finished, it will be fantagasmilorious.

    ...Wow... I pray that you don't get kidney stones from it. My dad had one and could not stand the pain... He had his middle finger PULLED off by a machine at work and drove himself to the hospital, they hurt pretty badly.

    Less endorphins when you have kidney stones. I have 9 brothers and sisters so it's pretty evenly spread.

    I have been collecting tops for about 3/4 years now, I am nearly at 7,000 -- maybe 1000 are mine, the rest are from friends/parties, or family that decide to drop them off...