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Hi friends! This is my first time making a lampshade. I have used Popsicle sticks to create the lampshade. It gives a vintage feel. A good way to recycle things.

I loved the entire process of making the lamp shade. It is of average difficulty level and any body can try. I have given a detailed step by step description of how to make. So, grab some Popsicle sticks and let's begin. Hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials Required

Low wattage Light Bulb - Also try different bulbs for warm and cool lights shades


Glue (Fevicol)

Lamp holder and Ring - 1

Wire (2 Feet long)

Popsicle Stick - 100


Step 2: Square

Take 4 popsicle stick. Form a square by gluing them at the edges. Take note that opposite edges should be at same height. Make 10 squares like this and let it dry.

Step 3: Base

Take 2 squares and glue them one over the other. This will form the base for the lamp.

Step 4: Spiral

With the other squares form the spiral. Place the first square with respect to base at a small angle as shown in the figure. Glue them.

Place the next square further at an angle. In this way glue all the square.

The spiral effect will be created on its own as you continue gluing the squares in this manner.

Let the spiral portion dry and keep it aside.

This is the lower part of the lamp.

Step 5: Hexagon - Move Outward

The top portion is hexagon in shape. For the hexagon I have cut the edges of Popsicle stick just to create a difference from the lower square part.

For this, start by placing the popsicle sticks to form hexagon. Glue them together.

Note that alternate popsicle sticks should be at same height.

The first hexagon shape should be small. The X formed at the edges should be large.

Follow the hexagon shape. Place the popsicle stick following the shape of hexagon moving outward.

Glue the popsicle sticks while placing it and let it dry.

Step 6: Move Upward

After moving outward glue the sticks by moving vertically upwards. Glue the sticks by following the pattern of hexagon in sequence. This will form the height of the lamp.

Step 7: Move Inward

After reaching the height required, glue the popsicle stick following the hexagon pattern by moving inward.

Step 8: Lamp Holder

Glue the hexagon part over the square portion. Let it dry.

After drying, invert the lamp shade.

Glue two popsicle stick such that it will hold the lamp holder in place at the bottom side.

Invert the shade back and secure the lamp holder tightly with the ring.

Step 9: Enjoy

Insert the lamp of desired light in the socket. Enjoy the Rays of light seeping through the popsicle stick. I have used two types of color bulbs.

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