Portable Altoids Charger

Introduction: Portable Altoids Charger

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In today society electronics are used in everyday life. Can you imagine what would people do without technology? If you really think about it half of people would not have their jobs because the use of electronics like design engineer, broadcast engineer and etc... Luckily now they are many different ways to put technology into use whether that be phones. Have you ever forgotten to charge your phone on a long ride? Well now you don't need to worry because of our invention the portable charger can change your life. Why you may ask? Because it small and easy to use without a outlet just by a battery.

Step 1: Materials That You'll Need

1. Altoids Can

2. 9V Battery

3. 9V Battery Snap and Clip

4.USB /adapter Car Charger

5.Solder Gun

6.Glue Gun

7.Electrical Tape


Step 2: Let's Start This Project

1. Open the car charger end of the USB port adapter.

2. Strip the wires from the battery snap to expose a greater soldering surface.

3.Solder the black battery snap wire to the negative part of the USB port circuit board and solder the red wire to the positive part of the USB port circuit board.

4. Poke a hole in the side of the Altoids Can. Cut the hole to match the size of the USB adapter.

5. Use the glue gun to glue the (USB) adapter to the inside of the hole that was cut through the Altoids Can.

6. Determine the set up of the inside of the Altoids Can.

7. Press the USB adapter through the hole.

8. Wrap components in electrical tape and attach to the Altoids can.

9. Attach 9V Battery and use velcro to secure in the can.

10. Attach the 9V battery to the 9V battery snaps.

11. Plug your phone into your NEW Altoids Charger!!!!!

Here's a link to the video of how the Portable Altoids Charger works!!! (https://youtu.be/T5r8rp3lfQM)

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    Looks good! :)