Portable Charger



Introduction: Portable Charger

People use their electronics all day, everyday. They use them so much that the  battery could run out. Have you ever been out and needed a charger? Well the Portable Charger can help you with that. You can charger your phone anywhere you need to. People who keep their phone on them often don’t turn it off. Teenagers for instance could use the charger when their phones starts to die at school. It could really come in handy if you are on a road trip and need a charger. Many people keep their phone on which drains the battery life. With the portable charger you wouldn’t have to worry about whether you have enough charge to make one more call. This could significantly help many people with mobile devices.

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Step 1: Materials

1. Altoids Can 
2. 9V Battery 
3.9V  Battery Snap
4. 9V Battery Clip 
5. USB  Cable 
6. 22 Gauge Hook-up wire 
7. 60/40 Rosin Core Solder 
8. Solder Gun 
9. Scissors 
11.Electrical Tape
12.Toggle Switch 

Step 2: Procedures

1.Get materials 
2. Cut a hole in the side of the Altoids Can to match the size of the USB cable.
3.Use scissors to cut a whole for the toggle switch 
4.Strip the wires from the battery snap to expose a greater soldering surface. 
5.Open the USB port adapter 
6.Solder the black battery snap wire to the negative part of the USB port circuit board and solder the red wire to the toggle switch. 
7.Cut a 22 Gauge wire and solder it to the positive USB and the other end to the toggle switch 
8.Determine the set up of the inside of the tin
9.Press the USB through the whole
10.Wrap components in electrical tape and attach to the tin can. 
11. Insert toggle switch through whole and attach with nuts provided. 
12.Attach 9V Battery and use velcro to secure in the can 
13.Attach 9V Battery to the 9V Battery snaps 
14.Test your Product 

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