Portable Hand Held Phone Charger


Introduction: Portable Hand Held Phone Charger

Step 1: Getting Your Stuff Together

Things you'll need:
9 volt DC battery
Portable car charger
Cable for charging
Whatever you are going to charge
And a quarter

Step 2: First Step

This is going to be the shortest instruct able you'll ever read. It is so easy and fun to show all your friends. So the first thing you want to do is plug your cable into the car charger and boom... Your practically done

Step 3: Step Two and Final Step

All you have to do for this step is take the 9 volt battery and make sure that you know which end is positive and negative. Then you take the car charger with you phone plugged in and place the tip onto the positive end. Then you take your quarter and close the remaining connections and boom! You've got and extra portable phone charger



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    I'm not really sure. I've never charged my phone all the way