Portable USB Charger - Simple Power Bank




Hello friends, i am a guy love to make things related to tech and creativity.my main moive is to ...

Hello friends, in this instructables you will learn how to make a 9v powered portable usb charger.so , read the instructables till end to learn everything step by step...

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Step 1: Portable USB Charger

Hello friends, please watch the video till end to learn the construction and circuit of portable USB Charger. After watching video, if you have any problem then ask in comment box...

Step 2: Things Needed

Things Needed for making the Portable USB Charger -

> 9v battery.

> Rainbow Cable.

> Female USB Port.

> 9v battery clip. ( Scavenged from 9v dead battery )

>7805 Voltage Regulator ic.

after getting all these things, watch the video till end to learn the whole construction...

Step 3: Working of Portable USB Charger

The working of portable usb charger is very simple. it works as when 9v from battery is given to 7805 ic it regulates the voltage to 5v which is at output of usb and it charges the mobile from 5v...

if you have any question then ask in comment box...


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    2 years ago

    Please give a circuit diagram


    2 years ago

    Just give a circuit diagram for much better understanding