Portable and Adjustable Sawhorses




Introduction: Portable and Adjustable Sawhorses

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These sawhorses are portable, rugged and fully adjustable. They are great for filming video when an elevated track is required for dolly shots. The adjustable sawhorses have been tested in many different environments and have always performed extremely well. An advantage of this design is that they have the ability to break down, which means they take up less space when not in use and while in-transit. Another nice feature is the adjustability of the design, which allows you to set up a level track even if the ground you are working on is slanted or uneven.



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    5 Discussions

    They're nice, but as another user pointed out, it's not an instructable if you have to pay for the plans

    Very nice design! More adjustable than any others I've seen and still not overly complicated to build.


    You're just a couple of joints away from having a Theo Janson walking sawhorse...

    ... say that gives me an idea.

    Nice Job!
    I really like this. very simple and very funstional.
    Do you have any problem with the screw knobs slipping? I'm wondering if using a series of holes with pins instead of the screw knobs might be a little more secure is your supporting something really heavy on the saw horse? I'm also thinking that adding a sacrificial 1x across the top so that your not chopping up cross bar when making cuts. This is just me thinking off the top of my head.
    I also like the rolling dolly that I see supporting a cabinet in the background. do you have a plan for that?