Portable Tool Board for Cycle Repairs.

Introduction: Portable Tool Board for Cycle Repairs.

This is my entry into the Organization competition, it takes only ten minutes to assemble . . . but it is the most useful thing that I have ever made.

I don't have a workshop, so I have to keep things in toolboxes.
I have a toolbox for my bicycle tools but no matter how neat I tried to arrange the contents, it was a trial trying to quickly access a particular tool . . one day I nailed them all to a board and it gave me an enormous sense of well being.

I still keep some items in the toolbox but the main and most used  tools are all on the board; they are a :
- A set of spanners from 8mm to 19 mm.
- Cone spanners.
- Three-way socket.
- Three-way Allen key.
-Headset spanner.
- Mole grips.
- Adjustable spanner.
- Pedal spanner.
- Set of screwdrivers.
- Tyre levers.
-  Pliers.
- Crank remover.
- Bottom bracket tool.
- Freewheel remover.
- Steel ruler.
- Spoke key.
- Chain splitter.
- Set of Allen keys.

Although this is just a board with nails in it the crank remover tool is held on by a cable nail ( the type of nail that hold wires onto walls) and the spanners are colour coded with tape which really helps to get the right size without thinking too much.

The GIF shows the tools needed for basic bicycle repairs.

All you need is:
- a plywood board at least 1/4" thick.
- some nails.
- a hammer.

I keep this upright in my cupboard, so it takes up very little room and just pull it out and lean it against the wall when I need it.
It's easy to carry it outside when it is sunny.

This is less a how-to Instructable and more a just-go-and-do Instructable.

Like me, you should find that it is an absolute pleasure to have tools so accessible.

Happy mending.


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