Powder Coating Ceramics and Glass



Powder coating is a super durable nice shiny finish used on metal. I heard it could be done on glass as well and since ceramic glaze is really just glass after it's fired I thought I would give it a try. Ceramic glazes are extremely hard to get shiny saturated color from so powder coating was perfect, and the best part is that it works.

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Step 1: Tricking the Powder

The powder sticks to metal through an electrical charge, since ceramic is non conductive I had to trick the powder into sticking to it. To do this I got a piece of aluminum foil and put it inside a scrap ceramic pot I had and grounded to the foil. The ceramic was still enough for the powder to be pull towards the foil but instead hit the pot. Once the powder was where I need it to be I removed the ground clip and baked it for the appropriate powder temperature and time.

I only did a section of the pot to test the technique out, I then put another color over that to see how that worked. Surprisingly no trouble at all, you can see the powder only stuck by foil so it wasn't a fluke of powder just settling on the pot. It's just as durable and shiny as it is on metal.

Step 2: Finished

I scratched some powder off before I put it in the oven for the test. Otherwise it looks just like it was metal.

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