How to Fix a Laptop Power Connector




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So a mate of mine came to me yesterday and said that he might have broken his laptop. This was mainly because the power connector was not working on his laptop so he tried to glue it in and that did not work so he decided to take it apart but did not do it so well because....

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Step 1: Taking Laptop Apart..

once he took it apart he took a soldering iron to the power connector because it was slightly loose but ended up burning a hole and messing up solder com pleasely.

I apologies now i did not take enough pictures it was all bit of an afterthought to write this up.

So now getting down to step one.

So take apart your laptop, this will consist of taking all screw that you can find out of laptop and making some form of map out of the screw structure so its easy to put tougher again. My friend however did not do this and thought would throw everything out. silly boy.

in this case the screen comes away with keyboard from the main body. This is the case with most machines well at least i have taken apart 3 machines and thats what they have all been designed like.

so once you have machine in little pleases you go to next step.

Step 2: Find Power...

So you can find the power connector where the plug goes into computer and either take it off clean the joints and replace it or do what i had to do since my friend no longer had this connector.

So what i had to do was take two peases of wire tin them with a bit of solder and where there was no connector left i connected the one cable to positive connector and one to negative and then ran them out the side of laptop.

Once this was done i was able to use these to connect to charger. This part i have still not fully tested but will have some feed back soon.

As you can also see to tidy it up a little i put some glue form my glue gun on the connectors. Just remembering what connectors where what.

Then i put the laptop back together and connected them to power supply and away we went. (At lease i am hoping thats how its going to work tomorrow.)

Step 3: And More

So hopefully will be able to tell you that it all works, but there is no reason that it should not.

Here is hoping.

Step 4: And Again ...

So mates machine has been working for some time but now he rang me and told me that it does not work any more.

So took it all apart again and found the cable was snapped in half.

Step 5: Clean Up

So because of all the glue had around wires and connectors ended up having to get rid of all that glue and solder this took some time because did not want to damage cables.

The reason that i think it broke was because i had it outside the box on extension wire.

So decided to put it in the case instead.

Step 6: Drill Out Box

So because it was outside and moved far to much so put it in box, this was quite nice how got it in but had to take out some supports fro screen. A well better that it is glued in rather than moving to much.

Step 7: Putting It All Back Together

so glued it all back in and connected up screen keyboard and the lot and now working much better and much neater setup.



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I'd suggest changing the title to "How to fix a laptop power connector." A bit more descriptive of the project.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I, too, have a Gateway and have already had the power connector replaced once. I'm almost ready for it to get replaced AGAIN. I'll keep this bookmarked for when the day happens. Thanks.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    good instructable, you should be more detailed and more pictures too. funny part was "you can see he loves his laptop" hahaha

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    k will try get more detail in. and sorry about pictures I really did not think think to right this up till after i was almost finished.


    I would go over your spelling and grammar in some places, otherwise, neat iBle. Yes, it does look like that laptop was loved oh so much.