Precision Farming

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Intro: Precision Farming

this project is used to control the level of the water in a is also used to determine the moisture in a soil and control the speed of drip irrigation system in a is also used to determine the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air.all these parameters display on LCD.when the water level is little then the pump is on and buzzer is on to indicate the water is little in a tank

Step 1: Pcb Layout

first we design the layout of PCB in dip trace and then print on glossy paper with the help of printer to print on the PCB.

Step 2: Pcb Fabrication and Etching

place the layout on pcb and pressed it with the help of press.and etching it with tthe ferric chloride and after etching

we remove the printed circuit and get the conducting plate

Step 3: Drilling and Soldering

after etching make the drill on pcb and place the component and soldering it

Step 4: Make the Water Sensor

again same procedure to make the pcb of water sensor

Step 5:

place the drip irrigation system in a plastic jar

Step 6:

place the pump in bucket to supply the water and supply in a plastic jar

Step 7:

finally start the precision farming and observe that how it is precised for the agricuture

Step 8: Arduino Code

  • the arduino code is

Step 9: Live Demonstration of Precision Farming

this video is to show the working of project



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    2 years ago

    nice job!


    2 years ago

    Great way to make sure everything is watered correctly!