Pressure Plate Airsoft Mine!




Introduction: Pressure Plate Airsoft Mine!

Here is how to make a airsoft pressure plate mine! Guaranteed to get many kills if put in right spot. It is very simple and is made for less then $15. When tripped it sets a firecracker or any other firework off that signals your out. Its awesome when you attach a roman candle!


Small container
9.6 volt battery (not lypo)
Aluminum foil
Christmas light strand
Light switch (optional)
battery charger

Step 1:

First place a battery in your container. Strap in place with zip ties. Attach one wire from battery to switch and run the other out the side of the container. Run the wire coming off the other side of the switch out of the container as well. 

Step 2:

Making the plates! Take a piece of cardboard and glue a piece of aluminum foil on it. You will need two of these. It doesn't need to be a cretin size but keep about an inch without the foil on two opposite sides. Solder on one of the wires from the container to one of the plates. Take a separate wire and solder it to the other plate. Fold up the inch on the sides of the cardboard. Put holes in those sides and put a zip tie through to hold the plates together so that the foil is not touching the other foil.

Step 3:

Now take a strand of lights and cut out the wire for one light and attach it to the wire from the plate and container. You are finished. 

Step 4: Loading

Now time to load. Take a light bulb and break the top off, dont break it down past the wires. Take some black powder and fill it to the to the top. You can use a firecracker if you dont have any powder on hand. Put the fuse at the top of the powder and tape the firecracker on to the light. Put it in the holder and you are ready to go. Search christmas light e-matches for better instructions. Hide it on the main trail and cover it with leaves or other things. Use sticks so that your plate can cover more ground. You can also place it in the ground and cover it. Make sure that the plate is not being pressed down with the weight of the leaves, sticks, or dirt. When tripped it should go off instantly! 

It is better to set it up before your friends come to play. In my recent game i got 4 kills with it. This needs to be reloaded every time it is set off. The battery does not need to be fully charged. It may not set off the powder if the filament burns too quickly. Make sure your wearing googles and dont use in public airsoft games. 

Have fun and watch your step!

I will be making a video of it in action when i get a nice day to play a game of airsoft.

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    8 years ago on Step 4

    I cant make a video any more for this because it got very wet and fell apart. If you can make it out of plywood. If it is placed under the dirt, it may soak up the water. Also put the e-match in the holder before plugging the battery in. Its safer because it may go off because something on the plate is connected.