Primitive Candle Holder

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A primitive candle holder I made....

This is a great little project. One, it's super easy and 2, it has a lot of character and depth to it.

It's a killer project for beginning woodworkers. It introduces an element of art to your builds. So let's take you through the steps. You may want to watch the short video above to get a feel for this.


  • Tape measure
  • pencil
  • speed square
  • jig saw
  • Clamps
  • fostner bit
  • drill
  • angle grinder
  • 4-1/2 In. Carbide Cup Wheel
  • Torch
  • spray lacquer


  • 2x4 scraps
  • Dowel
  • Candle

Step 1: Cut the Scrap

Take a 2x4 scrap and cut it evenly in half, using your jig saw.

Now you have two equal 2x4s...I hope, but I'm not too confidant you did it right,,,we'll see.

By the way, you can cut them on an angle if you want the top to be a little crazy looking.

Just keep one side of the 2x4 scraps flush, so they sit on a table, nice and smooth. (see pictures)

Step 2: Spread and Sandwich

Ok, next, take the two 2x4s and add some glue to one side of each piece.

Spread that glue around and sandwich the two together.

Add your clamps and let that sucker dry. (see pictures)

Step 3: Drill That Hole

Use a Fostner bit the size of the candle you want to stick up in there. More on that later...

ok, use the speed square to find the center for the 'block' up top.

Mark your cross hairs and drill down in there.

You now have a place to stick it when the project is done. (see pictures)

Step 4: Grind It Baby

Take your grinder and cup wheel. Go to town on it.

This is where you get creative. Mangle the wood.

Start off slow and work up to the level of rustic you want. Do this for all sides. Be very careful, a grinder can mess your mojo up real bad.

So, maybe consider using a vise or clamp. Don't be foolish like my uncle Boris. He can't use chop sticks anymore (see pictures)

Step 5: Prepare Your Rod

Ok, get the dowel you want to use for the handle.

I hope you have a Fostner bit that is the same size as that dowel. You'll need it. More on that in a bit..but I think you got this, I think...but I could be wrong.

Take your speed square and draw out an angle you'd like your dowel handle to be. then cut that dowel to size using your jig saw, or any saw for that matter. Let's move on cause I'm losing patience here..try and focus...

Step 6: Make It Pointy and Stab It Through

Take your grinder and shape the one edge to look like a stake.

when you're done with that operation, drill the hole at an angle, all the way through the sandwiched body. (see pictures watch video)

Drive that stake through and you're done with this step. boy you're good!

Step 7: Unforgettable Fire

Ok, what are you waiting for dude..or dudette?

Take your torch, burn up all that hard work!

Yes, I know, it seems counter productive but It's a technique, t'll be fine!

Torching the piece will give it an awesome look, try it out but be careful, fire is hot and can burn. Just google it. Let's move on.

Step 8: I Know You Wanna Spray Spray It Good

So, use some spray lacquer, or any clear finish you like.

Let it dry and you have yourself a primitive looking candle holder.

People will think you're a genius...but we know the truth.

Step 9: Pat Your Happy Self in the Back You Beast of a Maker! You're Done...

Thank you for checking out my instructables. I hope you enjoyed it.

Maybe come over and check out my channel. Let me know if you make one!

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    WoodCrafts 67

    2 years ago

    Awesome Buddy. I didn't know you was in here .... I really do like this one .....Voted voted voted ....

    Mitch Makes

    2 years ago

    good work Eloy. I really like how you explanded things and left in a bit of humor! it was fun to read

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    cool - now you have wanting to make something along this line- Thanks Buddy

    1 reply

    Thank you Jimi!! Now that you want, I re-want to make one...I can't stay on track any which


    2 years ago

    Make it pointy and stab it through. LOL. Great project, man. Love the simplicity of it all. Definitely a great starter project.

    1 reply

    Thank you dude! I really had fun making it. I like this sort of project. I mean, all one needs is a chunk of wood and a few tools. it's a great starter for sure...