Print Your "Swiss Army Knife" of IPad Cases (or Cool Vinyl Skin)



Ever dream of an iPad case that does exactly what you want? It's pizza night and you wish you could keep the iPad off the counter and out of the pizza dough, print a custom wall mount! The Andrea Boccelli soundtrack you are playing is too quite, add an acoustic feature to the case to amplify the sound.

This Instructable provides the base for an open-source iPad case and a few features to begin.  Included in this instructable are the SolidWorks Designs with the following:
-base iPad case stand
-flip up stand
-hand strap with pen holder
-flexible utility mount

Uses for these mods:
-hang an iPad from headrest in car
-mount iPad to wall
-wind cords and headphones to back of device
-attach additional accessories (pens, pencils, keys, cards)

NOTE: Since I don't have access to a 3D printer (yet!) the best I could put together for this project is a vinyl cutout of what the 3D printed case would look like, its a very quick prototype!  The eps files are attached.



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