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Hey Guys,

Recently I had just bought a new arduino nano clone (CH340) from ebay for my mini arduino project. After that I I I connected arduino to my pc and installed the drivers but not still working, After few days I just found out how to programme arduino nano using arduino UNO and it was pretty simple too! Follow my steps correctly to gain final results :)

Step 1: Materials Required !

* Arduino NANO

* Arduino UNO

* Bread board

* Jumper cables

Step 2: Connection !


Uno to Nano

D13 > SCK

D12 > MISO

D11 > MOSI

D10 > RST (reset)

5V > VIN GND >

GND Note :

If your board's operating voltage is 3.3V then use 3.3V.

Step 3: Prepare Arduino IDE !

When wiring is done.

Now we have to do some settings in IDE.

Go to Tools >

Board & select Arduino UNO.

Select the right PORT

And Upload any code :)

The settings is done. Now, open up the sketch you want to upload on your Nano,In Menu, go to Sketch & click on "Upload using Programmer"IDE will compile the sketch & upload it to your Nano. The RX TX leds will blink rapidly on both board, & you will see done uploading. If not, then recheck all the wiring & settings. If you get any problem or you want to give me suggestion, you can write in comment section below. If any error occurs please press reset on nano and even on arduino uno

Happy Programming :)

Step 4: Conclusion !

I wish this Instructables helped you a lot, If it helped you please follow me. If any issue rise please comment below. :)



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    13 Discussions


    6 months ago

    well! could i use a serial monitor?

    of nano?

    1 reply

    11 months ago

    I guess I have to ask, if you have a USB cable and can connect to a NANO directly, why use a UNO?

    4 replies

    Reply 11 months ago

    There are two reasons to do this:

    - You cannot connect to the NANO because it has lost the boot loader. So with this technique you can restore it and then work programming with the USB as usual. But this case goes against what you said of "and can connect".

    - You need extra space for your application. The NANO has 32KB of flash, about 2KB of them are for the boot loader. Then your application can be up to 30KB. So if you erase the boot loader you can make applications up to 32KB. But, having sacrificed the boot loader, you need an external programmer, in this case the UNO.

    Baasil Biniyamingrayl

    Reply 11 months ago

    Really you are right, but my ch340 driver is not working or my Arduino nano's port is not working. For those who have similar problems can fix it :)

    ГеоргиВBaasil Biniyamin

    Reply 11 months ago

    Your NANO is damaged, then. Or the problem (most probably) is in your USB Mini cable/connector.

    Baasil BiniyaminГеоргиВ

    Reply 11 months ago

    no my friend i have another nano which is working, the cabel or connecter is working fine :)