Ps3 Controller Battery Upgrade




Upgrade a ps3 controller battery with a mobile/cell phone battery

Step 1: Find a Suitable Li-ion Mobile Phone Battery

first you'll need to find a suitable Li-ion battery from a mobile phone, I only used a 2800Mah from a Samsung galaxy s5, I'd recommend a battery with a smaller form factor if you wish to hide inside controller case, either way a mobile phone battery will have a higher capacity than the 570Mah battery that comes inside the controller.

Step 2: Cut Wires From Ps3 Controller Battery

simple enough step, snip the wires from the ps3 controller battery as close to the battery as you can.

Step 3: Extend Wires If Necessary

Find a similar gauge wire to the wires from the ps3 controller battery, i used a small piece of speaker wire but any will do, strip the wires a small amount on original leads and extension and tin with solder, slip some heat shrink tubing over the wires then solder together, you can then insulate with the heat shrink tubing.

Step 4: Join Wires to Battery

Take your new battery and locate the + and - terminals, they should be clearly marked (never found a battery they're not) tin both the wires and the battery terminals with solder and join together, red = +, black = -

Step 5: Drill Back of Controller Case

If like me you are using a battery too large to fit inside the ps3 controller case you will need to drill a hole big enough to feed the battery connector through, 6mm is just enough.

Step 6: Feed Connector Through Hole and Connect

Once your battery is complete, feed the connector through the hole you drilled previously, skip this step if your battery fits inside case, then connect to terminal on controller board.

Step 7: Close Case and Screw Together

Now close your case and screw together, if your battery doesn't fit inside case then you'll need to attach the battery to the case, I used some double sided foam pads as I don't have a hot glue gun, I'll probably tidy it up once I buy one.

Step 8: All Done

as you can see the controller powers up and works just as it did before, only now the battery lasts 5 times as long as the standard battery will allow, it will also charge just as before using the standard charge lead and USB ports on your ps3.

I hope you enjoyed my first ible, let me know if you tried this and message me if you have any questions

Step 9:



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1 year ago

I made it but slightly different. For starters my cord was screwed up so i couldnt recharge it even if i swapped batterys AND i didnt have a soldering tool. So what i did was i pinched the wires to the battery by inserting the battery into the phone. To recharge simply plug in the phone. Oh AND the phone and controller both work still.


2 years ago

do you reckon the same could be done for an xbox one controller???

2 replies

Reply 2 years ago

I have no idea, I'm unfamiliar with its power specs, but if anything like the 360 controller I'd say not as the rechargeable battery's for those are Ni-Mh as opposed to Li-ion


2 years ago

I hear the Note 7 battery has an explosive amount of capacity.


Reply 2 years ago

Yeah seen people on YouTube mentioning it but never found any guides so thought I'd make one here


Nice mod. I have been thinking about making a separate power supply in my couch so it a controller would be powered indefinitely but still not have cords running across the room.

1 reply