Pterodactyl Costume

Introduction: Pterodactyl Costume

 My halloween pterodactyl (costume). I would have loved to add more and improve in places upon this costume but this is all I had time to scrap together out of purely Cardboard, duct tape, gorilla glue, spray paint, and 3 feet of rope... The 6 layers of cardboard corrugation along the wings is impressive to me :)

I wish I would have made the thing breathe fire, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. This was actually the most comfortable, durable, and flexible costume I have ever worn for halloween (even though it doesn't look that way).

I so hoped to collect all the pictures that weren't on my camera to post along with this slideshow, but unfortunately can't get ahold of those people's cameras... There is a whole day of pictures missing. Those of the day before, when my costume wasn't as torn up as in these pictures... along with the cool pics of me battling LARPers, ninjas, rock walls, gorillas, and various other people when I got hungry...

Lots of fun :) I even managed to get some air drag in this thing, allowing for a full seconds boost in air time when jumping off stairs... or trees.

I hope everyone likes my costume :)
And none of that BS about pterodactyls not looking like that! (I think I would know best seeing as how I was one)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Really great pictures -the slideshow tells a very engaging story


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i've looked at this 3 seperate times (on different days) and i can't see the i the only one?