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Okay, this one's for my bitches.  Well, my babies.  They're two, adorable Boston Terrier girls.  Two of the three loves of my life.  I like to treat them once in a while and I figured that I might as well come up with something for them, while I'm on my cupcake-kick.  

I just did my own thing, but it turned out perfectly, so I will share the details with you!  Most important thing to note about my recipe is this - I've based it on my own dog's food because I didn't want to feed them something that could make them sick.  Also, to combat that reaction, I've made them with pumpkin, which is a miracle digestive treat for dogs.  It's high in fiber and I give it to my girls if they are backed up or free-falling.  Lol.  Needless to say, it's a big help if you live in an apartment and they're both in good digestive health.

So, these Pumpkin Pupcakes will be based on your own dog's wet and dry food, with some pumpkin and other treats for added fun!

Step 1: Whatcha Need?

4 cups Dry Dog Food
1 cup Pure Pumpkin (in a can, mushy stuff)
1 cup Wet Dog Food
1 cup Peanut Butter
1/3 cup Honey
1/3 cup Canola Oil
1 Finely Chopped Apple (or carrot)

Set Oven to 350 degrees!

Step 2: Throw It Together!

I threw the dog food to the Ninja and it shredded that stuff into dust!  I did the same with the apple without the core and it was almost like applesauce.  After your hard ingredients are minced, just mix everything together in a big bowl.

When you're finished mixing, let your babies lick the mixer or the bowl!  This is fun and cute to do, plus, it's the 1st taste test!

Step 3: Baking Time!

Okay, I used cupcake wrappers, but you don't have to, as long as you PAM the pan.  Make sure that your oven is pre-heated to 350.

Fill the cups until they have about a half or quarter inch left at the top.  They will raise, but just a tiny bit.  Pack it in there neatly and make the tops smooth!  Bake for 35 minutes and they should come out a little dark, because of the dry dog food.  They hold together really well!  Now, just ice them with the pumpkin and you can top with Beggin' Strips Sprinkles!  (Just cut them up into tiny pieces.)  I use this as a meal replacement, because it's pretty filling for them.

They usually eat half a cup, twice a day.  And they were able to finish the whole Pupcake.  This recipe will yield 1.5 dozen.  I suggest to just ice a few of them, I iced 6 I think.  Then put them in Tupperware and use them within a week or so.  The rest can be put into a ziploc bag and stored for a couple months in the freezer.

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy!

Let them work for their food, have them sit and wait until you release them.  "OKAY!", and then watch how much they enjoy your cooking!  Jersey Belle (the one with cow print), she doesn't like the icing, but she likes the Pupcake.  Panda (the one with more black), she loves the icing and chomped the Pupcake to death.  She's the one in the photos, licking her lips and trying to steal it from me during photography.  :D

Both of my girls love these because it's a different treat, it tastes like their normal food and gives them some fun tastes on the side.  Hope you guys try it out, then come back to let me know how your dogs liked them!

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Please read the following article on giving your dogs honey GASHLYCRUMBTINY before you yell at kristylynn84. Facts can be rather interesting.


Is there anyway to make it without the peanut butter? I live in Brasil and it's not the easiest thing to find in supermarkets...


Love your pics of your girls...can I borrow one to send to my mom?

I have two BT's as well and I'm sure they're going to go APE for this! Thanks for posting! I couldn't help but notice one of your BT's looks like they have allergies (pink belly/chest, red marks)? I've had major problems with my littlest and his chest and belly used to look exactly like that. We started making both their food and he improved tremendously. I did some research and ultimately have ended up going with http://www.boston-terriers.com/dogsalive.htm. I'm not affiliated with it in anyway other than being a satisfied user of the recipes, but you seem like the type that'd be in to possibly trying this. My pups have never been happier about their food and their energy & allergy and any digestive woes (you mentioned backed up or free falling) have all but vanished! Good luck, and thanks again for the recipe!

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thanks for the link, i need to check it out! do they have a way to make bulk dry food, or something? how to do you use the recipes to feed your dogs? and by chance, do you know what your dog was allergic to? maybe a specific ingredient?

anyways, good eye, and yes, my little one (1 year old), has had allergies. i thought it was from sleeping on a bed that came from costco and smelled like trees, so we ended up throwing it away. but the allergies are still here! i appreciate your help and i am going to look at the site! :D

My dog is allergic to gluten and we had him on this special food but then we found this President's Chioce food from extra foods and superstore that is wheat and corn free. W have a big dog so it was Large breed, Salmon and rice flavour. He isn't allergic to it. I don't know if they have it in small dog formula though. You just would need to read the ingredients

My wife and I have an American Bulldog mix who has the same kind of allergy problems. We don't make her food (hell, we can barely manage to cook for ourselves) but we switched her to a grain-free food with a single "exotic" protein source, meaning not beef or chicken but something like salmon or venison. Since then her skin problems and digestive issues have cleared up almost completely. We also make sure to give her a flea bath that has "soothing oatmeal" in it, since her sensitive skin means that every little bite or scratch swells up and takes forever to heal.

Definitely give a grain-free diet a try, but bear in mind that almost all of the most popular treats have wheat flour in them, including Beggin' Strips.

Good luck!

I don't have anything for dry food. :-( I do the ground chicken recipe. I'll get my chicken in a big bag from Costco and grind it myself at home with my mixer's attachment. I get the eggs from costco too since its so inexpensive. That bag (plus the other ingredients) yields about 2 weeks worth at a time. Each dog gets 2 cups a day (breakfast and dinner) of the chicken. I split it up in to 4 tupperwares and keep one in the fridge and the other frozen until they need it. The egg/cheese/baby cereal mix I pre make and baggie and store in the fridge too. I give it to them with the AM meal and call it their Boston Breakfast Scramble. Lol! It's more work than dry food but I've gotten such better results I think it's worth it. I'm spending a little less than I was for the fancy "hypoallergenic"/organic dry food bags, too!

My pup turns 7 next week and I was looking for a recipe for him and his buddies. This is great! I love the pics. One question... how in the world do you get your girls to sit still to paint their nails. I have a little girl too and have never tried thinking she would get polish all over the place :)

Your photo on this instructable grabbed me immediately. It's wonderful! Great doggie birthday (or adoption day) treat, for sure.

Here is my pup, saying "thank you in advance" for the awesome recipe.

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I don't have one of the four of them together. Miles and Mugsy, the two boys on the bed, are ours. Rango (red harness) is being fostered for a rescue. Belle Rose was a foster until yesterday, when we got the OK to formally adopt her. So, I guess we technically have three and a long-term house guest. :-)

Rango 004.JPGAlice 451.JPGAlice 577.JPG

Oh and we got our guy allergy tested and he's allergic to life practically! :-( like 80% of what was tested for with environmental allergies. The food allergies they said was better determined by trial and error bc I guess the food allergies can read with a lot of false positives. Noo clue why, but that's what they claim. Out of the versions that woman offers, the chicken seems to work best for him.