Putting Sound Into DDR Style Game

Introduction: Putting Sound Into DDR Style Game

This tutorial will teach you how to make a DDR style game inside of Scratch.

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Step 1: Downloading Template.

1) Go to http://www.scratch.mit.edu

2) In the search field type the user name Noah1194.

3) Click on the Guitar Game applet and download the game

Step 2: Recording Beats and Commands.

1) Once opened in Scratch, click on the stage sprite in the bottom right.

NOTE: You will notice there are three "when flag clicked" commands in the programing field.

2) Under one of the "when flag clicked" commands there should be one with sound commands named beat and bass. Those are the sounds that play in the background. Go to the sounds tab, and you will see a bunch of recordings. Click on the record button and record your beats. Also record your commands saying to go to the left, the right, jump, and awesome.

Step 3: Putting Sound Into Game.

1) Under another "when flag clicked" is a lot of commands that are in a forever block. In that block there "if" blocks around the recording commands. In the "if" blocks "pick random", which says that pick 1 of the 3 commands. The three commands are the left, right, or jump programs. After the pick random is where the recording commands are put. Click on the "play sound" block and replace my recording with your own. Do that for all three "if" blocks.

Step 4: Putting Beats Into Game.

1) In the other "when flag clicked" there is a forever block with two play sound commands, plus wait commands. Click on the play sound block and insert your own bass and beats.

Step 5: Putting the Awesome Sound In.

1) Click on the sprite1 at the bottom of Scratch. (It is the head body and feet of the alien.)

2) There are three "when I receive" commands followed by a left, right, or up. Under you will find a sound block that has the sound "awesome" attached to it. Click and replace it with your own. Do this with all three command blocks.

Step 6: FInishing

1) Save the game and your ready to go create your own graphics!

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    WOAH! scratch! i didn't know users of scratch were on here! i'm logan996 and that's my acount on scratch


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I use scratch too! I didnt know any scratch users were on here either! My account is dicarlobrotha2, you can add me as a friend if you want!

    the only reason i know you on scratch is because i know you on instructables