Pyro Lighter Design, the Zippo From Xmen II

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This is for anyone who has seen Xmen II and really wanted the cool Pyro lighter. But Zippo inc. refuse to produce replicas and won't let anyone else make them. But they can't stop you doing it yourself (as long as you don't sell them)

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Step 1: Materials

I've seen people try to paint the design on but I use sheets of signmaiking vinyl. Normally you see this stuff in big rolls, but you can get it in A4 sheets if you look on eBay. For this you need 3 colours Black Red and White.
Also you will need a plain zippo lighter. 2nd hand zippos are cheap off ebay or a non zippo brand lighter will do.
you will also need : lighter fluid, scalpel)

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces

I used this general template, which should fit a standard Zippo. You can trace it or , as I did, print it on the back of your vinyl sheets. You need to cut two large strips of white, two zigzags of red to make teeth and the smaller strips of black for the edges and eyes/ gills. You can use scissors but a scalpel or craft knife is best.

The black template is a rough guide you may want to make it thicker if you are having trouble cutting it out.

The dotted line shows where the lighter opens.

Step 3: Preparing the Lighter

Make sure your lighter is clean before starting. Lighter fluid works fine to remove grease or sticky marks. Then with a pencil mark out where the stickers will start (to help get it centred)

Step 4: Applying Vinyl

Peel off the backing and apply carefully, starting with the white stickers.
Try to do it in one smooth motion, avoiding bubbles. Smooth over and press down with a cloth to ensure a good seal.
Apply the stickers as shown to build up the design.
When it's done the vinyl should be fairly permanent. As a display piece it will be fine, but if you carry it around in your pockets and use it it will deteriorate after a few months, mine lasted about 6.

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A trick people use to put graphics on dirtbike plastics is to first spray windex on the surface -- then you can move the vinyl around and remove bubbles and once the windex drys, the adhesive sticks.

2 replies

I recently used that technique when I was doing some graphics for my friends rally car. It works best on large stickers, but I don't think it would work for small things. Worth a try tho


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Depends on the sort of paint. Enamel would be best. But it would slowly chip off and if you had keys or something in your pocket it would get scratched.

Both would probably last equally as long. But they way in which they degrade over time would be different (paint would chip and scratch, vinyl would begin to peel at edges)

Also I have no idea what the effect of repeatedly exposing the paint to heat would be.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

1 more thing.....after the paint/final has died and needs to be removed u can just redo thed desighn right


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

 To replace the vinyl is easy. Just peel it off and get rid of any sticky marks using lighter fluid (or similar).

To redo a paint job you would have to sand back / chip off any remaining paint. Then cleaning with white spirit before re-painting.


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Tony starks

10 years ago on Step 1

where did u get the sharkface picture from