Qi Induction on an Ereader

Introduction: Qi Induction on an Ereader

How to be able to charge an erader without the cable hassle ?

Here is how you can do it...

No tools needed !

Step 1: What You Need...

You need

  • an ereader of course (in this example I use my kobo touch but it will work with any ereader using micro-usb port, just be careful if the port is protected (as on kobo aura H2O).
  • a Qi receiver - for kobo touch, I use XCSource BC318 . The model is important because you need to be able to fold correctly the cable to fix the receiver to the back. Take your time to correctly identify the receiver you need. It depends on the orientation of the micro-USB port.
  • a Qi charger - here a Qumox Qi charger but any Qi charger will be OK.
  • a cover to mask the receiver and protect your ereader...

In the pictures I provide the explanation on the Qi receiver and also a picture showing the micro-usb port on a kindle. This will work too for a kindle...

Step 2: Connect the Receiver to the Ereader Using the Micro-usb Port

simply connect the receiver to the ereader using the micro-usb port

fold it to place it on the back and stick the receiver to the back using the receiver sticker.

Step 3: Put Back the Cover to Mask the Receiver

put back the cover to mask the receiver.

It's done !

You can now charge with your Qi charger without cable !

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