Quick Coffee Cozy




Quick, convenient coffee cozy.

Step 1: Supplies

Don't have a commercial coffee cozy for that piping hot coffee?  Make one to take with you!


Coffee Cup

Duct Tape



Straight edge/ Ruler



Xacto knife

Step 2: Template

Lay the coffee cup on a  piece of paper. 

Rest the pencil along side the edge and follow the angle of the cup for about 2 1/2".

Measure 5" for the length at the top, and 4" for the bottom length of the cozy.

Cut out the form and fold in the center, cut along the edge to get the same angle as the other side.

Trace onto a piece of cardboard twice and cut out the forms.  These are the base of the cozy.

Step 3: Fit

Crimp the cardboard into a slight curve.

Fit the cardboard around the coffee cup to check for size.  Make adjustments at this point.

When satisfied with the fit, lay out the card board end to end and cut a piece of duct tape to that length sticky side up.

Place the cardboard on the duct tape leaving an overlap of about 1/4" length wise.

Turn everything over and place another strip of duct tape overlapping the first.

Trim the excess duct tape from the short sides.

Step 4: Final

Cut a piece of duct tape to lay along the center that overhangs one side about 1/2 an inch.

Pull the edges of the top and bottom duct tape down over the center piece, smoothing along the way.

Fold the two pieces together with the inside duct tape sticking to the inside of the other piece.

Cut two small pieces of duct tape to finish the outside edge.

There you have it.  A re-useable coffee cozy!


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    3 years ago

    To a c-store and get a paper cozy with a coffee. Use that for a template.


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    Don't want to make the template? Go r