Quick and Easy Way to Fold a T-Shirt





Introduction: Quick and Easy Way to Fold a T-Shirt

This is a unique way to fold your shirts quickly. It lessens the time spent folding shirts. Impress your friends and family with this neat trick.

Step 1: Lay Shirt on Flat Surface Face Up.


Step 2: Orient Shirt Horizontally With Left Sleeve Facing Toward You


Step 3: Pinch the Right Shoulder Seam Half Way Between Collar and Sleeve With Right Hand


Step 4: Pinch Middle of Shirt in Line With Left Hand


Step 5: Fold Shirt in Half by Crossing Right Hand Over Left


Step 6: Add Bottom of Shirt to Your Right Handed Pinch

See picture in step 5

Step 7: Uncross Arms


Step 8: Lay Shirt on Backside and Fold in Half


Step 9: Watch in Action

This video shows steps 1-8 in sequence.



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    10 Discussions

    nope. can't get my head around this. I tried it several times over and it doesn't work for me.

    Great! Thank you.

    Great! Thank you.

    I learned this a few years ago in an email from a Japanese show. use it all the time and amaze everyone that sees it. Glad to see someone share this trick.

    WOW! Its like poetry in motion!! Now I'm going to fight my wife over who gets to fold my T shirts.

    This would be better suited for a video than a full-out Instructable, given that not many directions are needed. Still, I like the method.

    1 reply

    Isn't this elsewhere on Instrucables, billed as the Japanese way of shirt-folding? I've been meaning to try it out anyway....