Quick , Easy, and Inexpensive Sword Practice Pell


Introduction: Quick , Easy, and Inexpensive Sword Practice Pell

Since I haven't seen any instructions on how to make one , despite seeing pictures of similar ones. I figured I would do a short Instructable on how I made mine. Sorry I didn't take any pictures along the way but hopefully I should be able to explain it without confusing anyone.

Materials needed:
(2) 10 foot 2x4's ( wood type is unimportant)
(1) box of 2 1/2 or 3" screws
Padding for the top of the pell
rope, twine ,or duct tape to keep padding from coming undone

#2 phillips drill bit
(optional) 1/8" drill bit for screw pilot holes

Step 1:

Cut 2 lengths of 2 foot pieces from both 2x4's . these will form the base

you should end up with 6 pieces all together (2) 6 footers and (4) 2 footers 

Step 2:

place the (2) 6 foot pieces side by side so that it forms a 4x4 post and screw them together


  you can at this time place one end or the middle of your padding between the two pices to secure it if it's long enough

Step 3:

place a 2 foot piece so that it forms a capital letter L with the post and screw it to the 4x4 center post ( the blue screws)

the white screws are connecting the 2 foot pieces to each other

Step 4:

repeat step # 3 for all sides of the post. as you turn the post you can screw the new side to the previous side (as demonstrated by the white screws)

you should end up with what is pictured or a mirror image of it.

Step 5:

place it on the ground and wrap the top with the padding using the rope twine or duct tape to keep it from unraveling.

Step 6:

Enjoy.  If yours ends up rocking like mine does, don't worry about it. As it ads to your target which ( at least to me) is good since most people don't stand still once they get hit.



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    7 Discussions

    Would you suggest this style or one using a heavy bag for boxing?

    4 replies

    It's not Ideal for boxing but it could be used with some modification. You would need to add alot weight to the base of it and add some extra padding to the striking Area..

    Ultimately a Heavy punching bag would be better for boxing practice.

    My apologies, I meant would you suggest a boxing style heavy bag to be used as a Pell target, or this style of target? I've seen people with both and was wondering which was better to practice sword work. We're just getting started and I need to put one together to practice. :)

    I have a friend who used a free standing punching bag as a pell. And in the long term and the vynil eventually deteriorated and left the plastic top unprotected which lead to it being worn down and breaking.

    With this design even bare it should last much longer than plastic and will be much less prone to deformation and breakage from being struck. Though I wouldn't leave it bare of long as it would be ruff on your wooden or rattan practice swords.

    Perfect! I was worried about the bag wearing out too. Thank you. :)

    I put one of these together for the kids in my Barony to practice boffer with. I built it much shorter, but the fact I can toss it in my truck and take to fighter practice is great.

    1 reply