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Today we write with computer keyboards and stylus. Some people still with a pen. Long before the pen and pencil there was the quill and ink and before that chisels and stylus (hummmm).

Step 1: Lets Make History

To make a quill you need a feather one from a larger bird. I used a turkey feather but any large wing feather will do. Check to be sure that the feather feels good in your hand as a writing implement.

Step 2: Cut the End

Now you will need to cut the end off with a sharp knife some where between a 25 and 45 degree angle.

Step 3: Clean Out the Stuff and Cut Your Nib

With a pin or something thin pull out or push in the stuff. Next cut a slit on the end with a small hole at the top. There is different ways to cut the nib for calligraphy or drawing but for this I am doing a basic writing quill.

Step 4: My Little Helper

she's making something usually a mess but she is learning

Step 5: Getting a Grip

For the grip I use waxed linen and tie it in half hitch knots up the shaft of the feather from an inch or so from the tip to where the feather starts.

Step 6: Done Time to Write

That it very easy and very classical. Now go out and write a fancy declaration, decree or some other fancy paper.

Need a paint brush here is how to make one



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    If you tuck the end into hot sand (350 degrees F until cool) to harden the tip, it is far easier to cut, and it's much easier to write with them. When soft, they are more difficult to use to make a fine line. Just put some dry sand in a baking dish or loaf pan, and set it in the oven. When heated, set it on a trivet, and stick the ends into the sand until everything is room temperature.

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    This is a great tutorial. Also, a thin piece of bamboo will work in a pinch.

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    I gave some kids down the street a feather I found while boating, they insisted I make it into a pen. Thanks for the instructable!

    photo 1 (8).JPG
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    awesome its pretty easy huh the writing is the hard part to get used to

    In the colonial days, there were shops that specialized in nothing more that making quills. Who knows, during/after the zombie apocalypse it will come back.

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