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Introduction: Quilling Needle Made Easy

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Recently quilling caught my wife's fancy, however when we went to purchase a quilling needle we thought it wasn't worth buying it. So here's the one I made for her.

An old ballpen (just the outer tube will do)
A stiff piece of wire (cycle spoke, calendar backing etc)
A Dremel with small cut off wheel
Duct tape or similar

1. Straighten out the piece of wire you intend to use for the needle.
2. Slightly flatten one end of the wire with the hammer. This makes it easier to cut a slot into it.
3. Carefully use the dremel to cut a slot as shown in the picture. This is easier if you use a vice to hold the wire or the dremel.
4. Smoothen any rough edges with a fine sand paper.
5. Wrap some duct tape at the other end of the needle.
6. Pass the needle through the ball pen tube and push it in tightly so that the duct tape forms a tight fit inside the pen.

Using a ball pen with a rubber grip makes it easy to use while quillling.

Thats all, hope you like this and more people take up this beautiful craft. Enjoy.

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    4 years ago

    thanks for the neat idea. I think I could do this.

    Dianne MarieB

    I find it really cool. And just for side comment, I find really sweet of you for being very supportive for what you wife likes.