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Introduction: Quilting an IPad Case

In this review I will go over the steps to construct a beautiful iPad case.  This takes very little material and can be completed in a day if you stick to it.

We used a disappearing 9 patch technique with 1/4" seams.

Also start by taking a piece of cardboard and a marker to trace an iPad to use as a template and for reference during the tutorial.

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Step 1: Setting Up the Disappearing 9 Patch

In this tutorial we will be using the disappearing 9 patch technique.  This technique involves a standard 9 patch being cut evenly to make 4 different pieces (4 large squares, 8 small rectangles and a small square).

Step 1:  Choose 9 pieces of fabric and press all fabric before starting to have accurate cuts.

Step 2:  Using 9 different prices of material, cut 27 4" x 4" square patches.

Step 3:  Using the 27 pieces, arrange three 9 patches.  For this size of case, we chose one fabric to be the center of each of the three 9 patches, and 8 random patterns to complete the rest of the 9 patch.

Step 4:  Sew the 9 patch squares together.

Step 5:  Press all seams flat on both sides to flatten the 9 patch for more accurate sewing and cutting later.

Step 6:  Cut excess threads.  (Do not pull threads!)

Step 7:  Disappearing 9 patch technique - Cut each 9 patch horizontal and vertical in the middle evenly.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Step 8:  Arrange the cut 9 patch squares and stitch together in 2 groups of 6 squares.

Step 9:  Press seams flat again.

Step 10:  Measure 12 1/2" from bottom to top on both pieces and cut off excess.  (We did not cut anything off the sides)

Step 11:  Cut 2 pieces of thin batting the same size as each of your 2 pieces from the 9 patch.

Step 12:  Pin material to batting and then use a decorative stitch to follow the main seams.

Step 3: Building the Flap

This needs to be finished before starting the lining since it will be used during that process.  It is best to go ahead and complete it now.  Also in the picture above we already stitched the velcro on.  This can (and should) be done last.

Step 13:  Chose a material for the security flap and cut two 5" x 6".

Step 14:  Cut one piece of 5" x 6" batting.

Step 15:  With right sides of flap and batting together sew 3 sides turn and press.

Step 4: Adding the Lining and Finishing Up

Step 16:  Cut interior lining to fit each of the 2 pieces from Part 2 (above)

Step 17:  Sew both sides and bottom of the 2 pieces of lining to make a "pillow case."  (Make sure to sew right sides together.)

Step 18:  To secure lining inside of the case, pin it to the back and using a larger stitch, stitch it close to the edge and bottom of back piece.

Step 19:  Pin front and back pieces (right sides together) and sew together leaving one inch on top of both sides unsown.

Step 20:  Of the one inch left open, sew the front and back of the cover together separately  from the front and back of the lining.  (This leaves the opening to be turned down at the top!)

Step 21:  Turn outside corner edges and lining edges inward 1/2 inch and pin.

Step 22:  Find middle of the back and insert raw edge of flap and pin.

Step 23:  Sew edges together with the same decorative stitch you used earlier.

Step 24:  Add velcro, snaps or buttons to flap and front of case to secure the iPad (device of choice) inside.

Complete!  You now have a one of a kind carrying case for your iPad.

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    Ever heard of a chromebook. Well I have one and I kinda need a bag for it. Can you show me how. So where are all these cool photos from. Peace


    3 years ago

    Love the colours used for this instructable but I'm really surprised no one has made one yet.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful work! I'm going to adapt it to make a case for my 17" laptop. The few that are available commercially are ridiculously expensive.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Love this! Perfect for all the trendy ipads out now!!! One can tell this is made perfectly and will be very useful to protect our ipads!! Wonderful idea! You have my vote!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is beautiful!
    Now I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to make and customize my own. Thanks for sharing.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Glad I could be of help! This was the first instructable I have posted, and it has been very exciting.