R1150RT Mount for GPS and STUFF

Introduction: R1150RT Mount for GPS and STUFF

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If you are looking for an easy and cheap solution to mount your GPS and stuff on a Bmw R1150RT, please read on.

Things you need:

1: Bmw R1150RT (obvious...)
2: A round bar of some kind (mine is from an old weed cutting machine...)
3: Saw, vice (a hammer will do fine in most cases...), power drill
4: Tools to screw and unscrew
5: A measuring device (you could also use a string of rope...)
6: Duct Tape (who could live without it...)
7: A dog to keep you company (or a cat or...)

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Step 1: Let's Do It....!

Ok, you 'll see two screws, each on either side of your dash.
Looks like they are doing nothing : we 're going to make 'm work for us.

First thing to do is measure the distance between the holes.
Because there is a certain curve between the screws,
you might wanna use a piece of rope and try to follow the curve of the cockpit for accuracy.

Step 2: Cut and Saw !

I happened to have an old broken down weed mawer lying around
with an interesting part I could use: a nice round aluminum bar.
Aluminum is indeed interesting in this case: very easy to handle, light an will not rust.

Disassemble and put the bar in a vice.
Measure the length you need and add approx 1 inch on either side.
Saw off the piece you want - using  protective  gloves is allways wise.

If you cut it too short, maybe the dog could still use it !!

Step 3: Bend It !

Put the bar in a vice an add some muscle to it.
Don't worry about damaging the bar in the vice's teeth - we'll use a trick later on...

Start off with 2 inches at both ends and go try and fit the bar.
Adjust if recquired.

Step 4: Final Touch !

Drill a hole at both ends of the bar. Do not drill in the middle, but slightly off centre.
This way you can assemble the bar somewhat lower or higher if need be.

Notice the tape? Helps to decrease vibration and looks better than the old aluminum.

Step 5: Assemble !

Attach the bar with the two screws and try it out.
Be carefull not to apply too much pressure or scrath your dash !

Step 6: Let's Go Try It Out !

Voila ! All assembled and ready to go.
Puts the information nice in the middle with spare room for my cell-phone too.
(must remember to design a mount for that later...)

I used a standard garmin bike mount I had on my bicycle and attached it to the new bar.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Stay Safe.

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    5 Discussions


    6 months ago on Step 6

    I did it and works great! Thanks


    Reply 6 months ago

    Glad you like it...


    Question 7 months ago on Step 6

    I like your design. I would be interested to make one just like it for my bike. The only problem is that the bike is abroad. Can anyone give me some length of the rod. The best thing would be to get both the total rod length and also length between the holes.
    Thanks for your support...