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Meet Barbie Strogg, a tortured doll found in the garbage. I cut her arms and body below the waist, and replaced the limbs with cybernetics: Her arms are plasma guns, and she walks thanks to six R/C controlled arachnoid legs. Now, she's rabid and hungry for blood!!!


Yes, too much "Mortal Kombat" is perjudicial for the health :-)

The reused materials:

For the upper body:
  • Half Barbie
  • Various plasctic pieces (acoholometer mouth pieces, fax machine gears, etc)
For the lower body:
  • Cordless phone base
  • Plastic case
  • Plastic pieces of your choice
For the legs:
  • plastic compasses
  • pantograph
  • wipers
For the electromechanics:
  • R/C from a toy car
  • 2 small electric screwdrivers
  • 2 plastic wheels
You will need nuts and bolts, spray paint and wires. Some epoxic will be required.

Tools: the usual. Dremel, screwdrivers, pliers and soldering iron.

The electromechanics:

Our fellow maker Rpantaleo have a great CAD image of the basic mechanics of a six legged robot:


I used a R/C from an old toy vehicle. You will need the kind of toy R/C how moves like a battle tank (you know: two motors, one beside the other. For turning, one of the motors spins faster than the other). For more torque, I replaced the toy motors for small electric screwdrivers.
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    18 Discussions

    Normand Ragot

    3 years ago

    What kind of demented mister are you? This is twisted, evil.... I like it! Keep up the good (bad) work. Next time, use a Ken doll or 12" G. I. Joe with a rocket launching (censored).

    1 reply
    M.C. LangerNormand Ragot

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks Normand! I will consider Ken's rocket launcher. Is it more or less like that (in)famous The Punisher action figure who launches a rocket from his Frankie?

    cardboard guy

    5 years ago

    the "Remote control contest","toy contest" or "drone contest" :)

    1 reply
    M.C. Langercardboard guy

    Reply 5 years ago

    Sorry, this is a 2011 project, and in the contests, only can participate projects elaborated on the time of the contest.

    eh she dont look crazy enough to be part of the strogg, also she should say :FOR THE MACKRON!"