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In this instructable I show you how to build remote control tank with FPV camera. At the beginning I build only RC tank without FPV camera but when I was driving it in the house I have not seen where it is. So I came up with that I will add to it the camera mounted on a 2 servos. The range is about 100m, you can also ride with it at home. With this tank you can see what your cat is doing when you're not looking. You can see it on a video :D

Explanation of acronyms for beginner:

PCB - Printed Circuit Board

GND - ground

VCC - power

RC - Remote Control

FPV - First Person View

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Step 1: Parts

This is list with necessary parts. The total cost is $120

-arduino (x2)


-smartphone with android

- NRF24L01 (x2)

-H bridge TB6612FNG

-joystick (x2)

-pan/tilt or 2 servos

-everything to do PCB you can read about it here




-9V battery and 5x 1,5V battery or LI-PO 7.4

-box for pilot


-tools (drill, soldering, screwdriver )

Step 2: Make PCB

Now we make the PCB you can read about this here. It's my first PCB, but it is very simple and sure you can do it. I add the file from fritzing you must print it in laser printer on thick paper or photo paper. Then you have to put print on a copper board and ironed. Possible deficiencies toner refill with oil marker. Prepare acid and insert the plate in it. When the whole disc is yellow, you can pull it out and wash under running water. Now just clear toner with petroleum ether and drill hole.


I changed a little H-bridge you can watch it on image. I connect all GND, STBY with VCC.

Step 3: Solder

Solder all components to a PCB. You need add wires like on image above. I add the file from fritzing if you want something to change.

Step 4: Chassis

Now it's time to assemble the chassis on photos you can watch how to make it.

Step 5: Camera

You can use IP camera for example this from amazon, or your smartphone with android and with IP webcam application. You can view the camera image in the browser or in special program if you buy IP camera. On piece of paper I drew eyes and mouth, and glued with double sided tape on my phone

Step 6: Program for Tank

This is program for tank in comments is explanation of code you can upload it to your arduino and go to next step.

Step 7: Pilot

Now you can build your pilot. To wrap it nicely I used a plastic box that I bought for $ 0.50. Above I added picture from fritzing and a few photo of my pilot.

Step 8: Program for Pilot

So this is the last thing you need to do. Connect your arduino to computer and upload program.

Step 9: Test Your Tank


You just finisched your FPV RC tank :D congratulations.

Remember leaving a comment and click heart, if you like this project. If you have a question write a comment.

Thanks for reading

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    Question 1 year ago

    Hi, could I use a Arduino Nano for the car and the transmitter? I have a few of those and I'm thinking of making a tank with a turret that moves vertically and horizontlly.


    3 years ago

    Can TB6612FNG can be replaced with L293D?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes, you can connect it on breadborad


    Reply 4 years ago

    Can u plz post Receiver schematic? Thanks


    4 years ago

    when i upload the code nothing happen , after sometime the motor spin and i cant controll it . need help pls


    4 years ago

    Can you post the schematics for robot shield?


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Arduino communicating via NRF24L01 radio module. Pro mini (pilot) sends x and y data from joysticks to leonardo (robot) and leonardo processes this data.