RC Crawler Scale Aerial

Introduction: RC Crawler Scale Aerial

Build your own custom scale aerials for your rc crawlers. scx10, wraith, gmade, ax10 all of them :)

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Step 1: You Will Need...

You will need;
Heat shrink (various sizes)
A pen spring
Rod/plastic tube
Nut and bolt

Step 2: Let's Start

Cut the heat shrink about half a cm longer than the spring and slide it into the heat shrink.

Step 3: Add the Tube

Push the tube/rod into the shrink tube and slightly into the spring (from the side that has a bit if extra heat shrink), now heat and shrink.

Step 4: Thicken It Up

I added 2 extra layers to bulk the bottom up a little bit and shrunk it.

Step 5: Prepare the Bolt

Screw the nut most of the way up the bolt.

Step 6: Add the Bolt

Line the bolt up with the bottom and slide some head shrink over the top and shrink it to hold it all together.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Shrink a little bit of tube over the end to make it look a bit better.

Step 8: Finished

Now you've finished and time to put it on your rig and enjoy the latest accessory! Hope you liked it and please vote for me in the competitions!!!

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