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I don't believe in supernatural things but after reading too many books and articles about the reality of ghost I came to know that ghost are not like they appear in horror movies! but actually it is a form of energy that gets converted after we die.As we know that energy can neither be made nor be destroyed,it only changes its forms.After we die our organic energy stored in our body as fats and proteins get burnt or mixed up with soil,but what about the nervous impulses that run in our body when we were alive.That's the soul or presence of charges i.e static.It is true that whenever there is a soul the temperature of the place drops suddenly,also you might have seen it in "The Conjuring" movie.Great scientists like Edison and Einstein too believed in existence of souls (in scientific way static charge).Lat year I read a document in which a person had written about souls,saying when his fellow died his weight dropped suddenly ,in our universe matter occupies space and has some weight.The soul had occupied person's body and when he died it got free from it and weight fell down suddenly.This seems to be contradicting!There is no destination after death neither heaven nor hell.Fortunately science has made live present heaven on earth by giving precious gifts to life.Says Osho.Our soul never rests it keeps on wandering here and there in search of perfect body.But no need to fear from these as it is a natural process.If you want more knowledge then you can read material about "Reiki".This device is a static detector only which can detect variation of charges present around us.It glows brightly when positive charge comes in contact and becomes dimmer or blinks when negative charge approaches.Here are some videos which show the functioning of device.The intensity of variation depends on amount of charge in it.

Step 1: Things Required

We need :-

  1. 9 volts battery
  2. 9 volt battery connector
  3. BC547 transistor (3x) or equivalent
  4. 1 million ohm resistor
  5. 100 kilo ohm resistor
  6. 220 ohm resistor
  7. slide switch
  8. small box
  9. l.e.d

Tools required :-

  1. soldering iron
  2. hot glue gun
  3. a pair of pliers

Step 2: Schematics

See the schematics and diagram above this will make you clear about all the connections.I would truthfully say that the schematics is from Saiyam's instructable and the from talking

Step 3: Making the Prefboard

For a simple board use cardboard and make the holes after seeing the schematics and hole must be larger enough for the pins of transistors as well as resistors to pass through them.Make it on a medium sized cardboard.

Step 4: Soldering All Components

Place all the components as shown in the picture and solder them carefully.Make sure that the connections are right match them with the schematics diagram.Check the pinout of the transistor firstly.

Step 5: Add Other Components

Now, some other components such as l.e.d and battery connector are left from being connected to circuit.Carefully solder all the components and make your device more efficient use old antenna as antenna connect the base of T1 to the antenna.Note I had changed the l.e.d as in first one the difference was not noticeable.Use one color l.e.d other than the blinking ones.

Step 6: Fitting Everything Inside the Box

Take a small box in which all the components can fit.Make necessary holes using a soldering iron for l.e.d ,switch,antenna etc.Make everything fit inside the box.And if necessary then use hot glue to join the circuit to base of the box.

Step 7: Ready!

It is ready for your ghost hunt.For testing it is ready use scale after being rubbed to your hair,your hand,positive and negative terminals of the battery individually etc.

Step 8: Something Is Missing!

Yes ,only switch is left.Make a hole in box's upper part and using hot glue seal switch to the box and make the switch between circuit board and battery terminal.Test it again if anything had gone wrong !

Step 9: Done!

The ghost detector is ready! Just press the switch and go for a ghost hunt.If any static charge is present it will either become brighter,dimmer or will blink which is result of approaching positive ,negative and powerful negative charge near.The device will become more efficient when battery starts running out as the change will be noticeable then.It is working device not the fake one! I welcome ideas and improvements in comments.Happy Halloween Day in advance!

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4 months ago

This thing might not actually detect "ghosts", or anything supernatural, but perhaps it could detect an approaching lightning storm? There are lightning detectors with somewhat similar circuits.

for ghosts, I would definitely want to use a different kind of amplifier circuit. Perhaps a FET as the 1st stage, or an instrumentation amp?

Or simply tune any AM broadcast receiver to a quiet spot (no radio station transmitting), and you will hear all sorts of crackles, pops, humming, etc. Then record the audio to a .wav file on your computer, and run an FFT (Fast Fourrier Transform) on it. You would be surprised with what you can get.


6 months ago

Nice and easy to follow steps! As the video link seems to be broken, i found another video called "the ultimate ghost detector" that consists of +- the same circuit:


Question 7 months ago on Step 9

Will this device work?I mean,I don't really do these things but it's kind of attractive.


10 months ago

omg it works!

so duz the ouija bourd so it dont matter


1 year ago

Who'ya gonna call!? I like the idea, but all you need is a staunch Christian staying in the house


1 year ago

Can I use a pn2222? I have a bag of those.


2 years ago

i was thinking of using an arduino to do this. Woud you mind guiding me to do so?

Salman Naveed

3 years ago

Can you tell me the correct sequence in which you installed the resistors from R1 to R3? Great project by the way!

2 replies

Hi,thanks for asking and sorry from my side for delay in reply!all the resistors are connected one after one to collectors of transistors and from the battery

r1 is 220 ohms

r2 is 100 kilo ohms

r3 is 1 million ohms

thank you !


2 years ago

like a Darlington array


3 years ago

this is not REAL it is picking up signals from a static charge

if you walk across carpet you make static electricity so it isn't a REAL ghost detector

2 replies

Right that's the problem with it,but charge while moving over carpet or rubbing box with hair is not that much! If ghost exists then the amount of charge would be more

SamiranGursimran Singh 425

Reply 3 years ago

Actually you have made a high gain amplifier. It will also detect wires which are charged. This will be contact less voltage detector. Hell & Heaven is all here dude! It will also react to MMF = Magneto motive force or magnetic stress. Any way nice way to present your work. Well done.


3 years ago

its not a ghost detector its just a device that detects EMF as i did in the post few years ago. i made the same thing for high emf detection

1 reply

3 years ago

Bro...this is really cool...but please do tell me how do we distinguish between positive and negative static charge when the LED glows?