(RED) Decorative Insects Made of Plastic Trash




About: I'm Mario Caicedo Langer, from Colombia, former Navy officer and BSc in Naval Sciences. Right now I'm Technical Director and Technology Lead Teacher at STEM - Engineering for Kids Azerbaijan. Also, I'm artis...

Time for the heavy artillery in the Red Battle. Time for the Red Bugs!

Our first soldier is a mutant ladybug made of a damaged red toy, a circuit board, wire, springs and a mask from an obsolete emergency breathing equipment.

Our second soldier is a firefly made of pieces of a red tub, a parfum cap, wire, springs, and a flour container.

Our third soldier is a cockroach made of pieces of a red tub, toys pieces and iron pieces for frames.

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Now, I have to prepare the Orange Battle ;-)



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